Pole Photoshoot Moves and Ideas


We’ve got an up coming photoshoot at our pole school so I wanted to put together a little list of cool pole moves and ideas for the shoot.

I’ve tried to put in a range of beginner, intermediate and advanced moves. Here is a list of all the names of the poles moves – the ones I know at least! 😀

1. Plank

2. Flatline scorpio

3. Shoulder mount hangman

4. Shoulder mount plank

5. Pencil hold and variations

6. Climb

7. Pencil spin

8. Twisted gemini – front and back

9. Pole hug – side and front

10. –

11. Spiderman

12. Hangman

13. Martini seat

14. Hip hold

15. Side seat

16. Chair pose

17. Standing pose

18. Scissor seat

19. Outside leg hang

20. –

I have also featured some of my favourite pole photoshoot images so far from the Image Cella and Millie Robson. My outfits in the Image Cella pictures are all by Fi Bourke Design.

What moves would you add to my list? 😀

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