Lotions, Potions And A Greasy Pole!

I try and make my poles as grippy as I can for class – I want everyone to be safe and to be as successful as they can in their class.

Now I’ve been doing this for about 8 years and I’ve so far managed to get the poles relatively grippy without the use of grip aides.

I always have pole cleaner in the form of vodka and water (I’ve tried others and this works best for me) and clean cloths for people to use. So when people tell me the poles are really slippy I have to wonder why.

For the most part a quick wipe and clean will do the trick but sometimes, I can grip (like velcro I’m told) while others slip down and I have to wonder what they are doing to make them slide.

No Lotions Please

So before the first class I send out information emails and then reconfirm in class how important it is to not put moisturiser on your body before you pole. Occasionally people forget and put it on before they’ve realised what they’ve done… and others just don’t care. I’m not trying to be mean – I don’t want people to walk around with dry skin because I enjoy it… I’m trying to keep you safe and grippy.

Over the course of my instructing career I have come across all sorts. I have held people while they are in a crucifix with all my strength as my hands want to slide off their legs due to their moisturiser – and they get frustrated as they can’t grip. ‘Have you put moisturiser on?’ I say ‘… No’. Hmm. I can’t follow everyone around and confiscate lotions and potions and I don’t want to tell anyone off. But it does affect you and those around you.

I was very confused the day I turned up to class to find one of my students covered head to toe in body glitter. Yes, she was sparkling. And not in the kind of way where you’ve been making things or wearing a glittery top and some of it comes off on your body… this was purposeful rolling around in a glittery heaven… except for when it came to climbing on the pole – and yes, she was sharing a pole.

Think About Others

I know some people are quite defiant and will still put whatever they like on their skin and sometimes that’s fine – I know exactly what my body can handle and what I can put on my skin (and no it’s not lotion.) Some people will have super dry skin and may need a little extra moisture in their skin to help grip but for the majority of us, this isn’t true.

You know you can do what you like with your skin, but what about the others in your class? The glittery girl was sharing a pole and did affect those around her. It’s not fair to make others slip. It’s only the day of your pole class that you will need grip for, and you can put lotion on straight after class if you like!

It’s Not Just Moisturiser

I think people hear that they can’t moisturise and avoid moisturisers but still put on any other lotion under a different name – and yes I can feel it. If I’m spotting, I have to wipe my hands after if they have lotion on.

There’s so many things other than lotion that can make us slip. When I wash my hair with fancy shampoo, it makes my legs slippery. My razor has a ‘moisturising strip’ and the jacuzzi makes me slide… Many things can make us slide. New tattoos need lotion (and no, I don’t want you to be scabby) so I understand this can’t be avoided but try to make yourself as less slippery as possible. Fake tan is a no-no. Glittery lotion – hell no!

It’s All For You

I don’t ever want to confront people or make them feel bad but have a think about those around you. If you’re the only one on the pole then if you slip you’ve only got yourself to blame, but the likelihood is that you’re sharing. It’s just not fair to make others slip and slide.

So have a think about what you put on your body and try and help your fellow poles have grip and be successful in class 😀

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