You Own That Pole Move!

I genuinely believe that everyone in the world is the best at something.

It might be something really great that most people in the world know about, or it might be something small. Something really random and personal to you!

No matter what it is, you are the best in the world at doing something, and that is amazing.

I’ve been thinking recently how this might translate to the pole world…

With less polers on the planet than there are people, you are definitely the best at something in pole. Think of all the amazing polers out there – there is something you can do on the pole better than they can. Even if it’s something small like having the smoothest hand transition between two given moves!

You Just Need To Believe

Okay, so you maybe thinking that I’m sitting here drinking wine and coming up with these crazy theories. The truth is that I’m here with a cup of tea in between my sets of handstands… I’ve got one set left. So no drunken theories! 🙂

Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and you just need to find your strengths and believe in yourself.

Try to make every move the best that you can – each time hold it for longer, point your toes through out or just focus on your exits.

You might be able to really smoothly get into moves, or can link combinations so that it seems like you’re flying.

Whatever is it – it’s yours. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. You just need to believe in yourself, because yes, there is something that you can do on the pole better than anyone else, so own it!

That’s definitely what I believe 😀

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