Learn To Love A Shoulder Mount

Every time I teach a shoulder mount, it’s usually accompanied with a groan that goes around the room. Despite not liking it, everyone gives it a go – on both sides of course, but no one really loves this move… unless you can do it.

I love a shoulder mount but I used to hate them with a passion. I could never do them, and even when I thought I could, I would often lose my nerve half way through and come down again.

I’m not too sure why I was scared. Perhaps it was a mixture of the pain and the unknown if I were to get up there. Oh yeah, and the whole falling on the ground thing. That as well.

Learn To Love It

It is likely that one day you will love a shoulder mount – so why not start now?

It’s such a strong and powerful move with so many possibilities for combinations and routines. My favourite moves from a shoulder mount are a shoulder mount walk (away from the pole, not a bounce) and a brass monkey – mostly because I could never do it – and now I can!

I’ve only ever slipped out a shoulder mount once – and in 8 years of poling, that’s good odds. I was doing a shoulder mount bounce early on in my shoulder mount career and start slipping on my t-shirt. As I was sliding I realised lots of non-polers were watching me, so I got even more nervous and just slid down. A lot.

The great thing is that your body wants you to be safe. I managed to grab on with my legs and eventually landed safely.

Of course, any kind of fall is not fun, but having been through it and survived, shoulder mounts are definitely worth it.


If you want to find out how to do a Shoulder Mount, you can watch our video below and check out our How To article.

You can also start to train your shoulder mounts before you actually do them – do a hangman, tucks up, or even hold one leg up in a tuck and try to lift the other.

I think the hardest thing about a shoulder mount is getting used to the pain. But please believe me when I say – the pain does go, I promise. You have to do it over and over of course, but there is a pain free light at the end of the shoulder mount tunnel.

Just think that every painful time you do it, you are one attempt closer to a pain free shoulder mount.

So what are you waiting for? Smile through the pain and work until that beautiful, pain free day arrives 😀

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