Embarrassing Pole Problems

When we’re on the pole, we’re vulnerable enough as it is. Usually we’re in shorts and a little top, sometimes no shoes, and we’re often trying a move that we’re not that confident with. We all know what it’s like when someone walks past, distracts us by accident and we instantly lose our concentration and skill.

So what happens when we have other problems? Something slightly more embarrassing?

At PoleFreaks I’m lucky enough to speak to many polers all over the World. One such PoleFreak got me onto the topic of embarrassing pole problems.

Keep Your Pants On!

One story that has stuck with me is from an instructor who has taught a lady without any underwear on! You might be able to get away with a few spins without any pants on but that’s surely not pleasant for anyone involved! And believe me, she’s not the only one to do that!

I taught a group of ladies as a one off pole party… they came in very excited and looking forward to the day. They went off to the toilets to get changed and came back wearing the tiniest outfits I had ever seen! (And I’m known for wearing hot pants all year round, for any occasion) Many nipples were on display that day! They didn’t at all seem phased by it. The most interesting outfit of that day was a see through tu-tu and a thong. I did not know where to look!

When embarrassing situations happen, it’s very hard to know what to do. The ladies in my party were having a great time. Seeing as we were in a room away from any other people and they were only with me for 2 hours, I embraced their outfits. What would you do if it was your class? What would you say?

What’s Your Story?

With all the best intentions in the world, sometimes bad things happen to us. I was recently at a pole dance competition where one of the competitors was wearing a corset for her performance. Everything was fine until she went upside down and started to fall out of her top. It was very awkward for all of us watching – we knew at any point that she was going to pop out of her top, we just didn’t know when it was going to happen.

What would you have done if it was you? If you stopped your performance you almost certainly wouldn’t win and you would probably feel let down after all of that hard work and preparation. Yet if you carry on, you might get disqualified and show the room your goods. In this case she carried on, flashed and unfortunately was cut short and disqualified.

Double Pants It

When I’m in class I always wear 2 pairs of shorts over my underwear. At least this way there’s a lot less chance that I’m going to flash anyone. It makes me feel a lot better to know I’m not the only poler who wears 2 pairs of shorts ‘just in case.’

There are times when I’m demonstrating a move and I end up legs straddle in the direction of one of my students. I just have to laugh it off – people don’t seem to mind – they’re more focused on the move they’re about to learn than anything else!

Embrace It!

I’m sure worse and more embarrassing things have happened in class to a lot of you out there! I think the only thing to do is embrace it and laugh it off. If you start to worry about all of the things that could go wrong or that have gone wrong, you won’t enjoy your class.

I was filming a routine for my friend the other day and one of the moves she ended by standing up with her bum quite literally in the camera. We both laughed it off. It was just us there and we wanted to pole and made sure that we did. There were so many times that we had to pull our shorts down to cover our modesty, make sure our tops didn’t reveal too much. Things happen. If you wear something new that you haven’t worn before, it might make some surprise movements when you’re on the pole. But we wanted to carry on poling so we made sure that nothing got in our way.

Since Writing This…

Daily more things happen to me! I’ve been trying new moves, caught my hand down my top – it started coming down and there was nothing much I could do about it! I then left class, walking down the street trying to find my Ipod when I didn’t realise that I had taken out my undies and had them in my hand for all the passers by to see. I feel I should mention, I was wearing undies at the time(!) but always have spare for post shower time.

We Need Your Help!

The reason that got me thinking about all these embarrassing moments is the following question I was asked…

“How do others cope with those embarrassing moments when they are inverted and there is no easy way to say this but let out an uncontrollable fanny fart! Yes I have a problem with my uncontrollable air intake and unless the music is loud or my spotter has returned to her pole I really get that embarrassed it makes me more hesitant to invert and spread the legs! Having two kids hasn’t help the situation either. Does anyone have any solutions or is it just a “get over it and keep poling” thing?”

Come on PoleFreaks… what would you do? 🙂

There Must Be More

I’m opening this up to all of you. I’m sure that my stories don’t even compare to some that you have to offer. So here it is… bring on the stories 🙂

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. I once was attempting a lunch box and went in to my lay back perfectly grabbed the pole behind me and began to lower into the hold just to accidentally have my thumb grab my underwear and start pulling them down… I was stuck in move upside down and unable to bail and flashing the entire studio… LOL oh well I finally made it down shook it off and kept poling LOL

  2. I had a pair of shorts that I wasn’t sure how they would be to pole in and not having a pole of my own to pretest I had to take the chance since my usual pair were dirty, and I had to keep pulling them down all class so I didn’t flash everyone, splits were not my friends that day lol

  3. I wore a new top to class and we were taught a new move… I tried to attempt it on my own but felt vert dizzy and I called out for assistance, my friend tried to hold me up and accidentally grabbed my right booby that was hanging out. The poor trusty spotter was more embarrassed and kept apologizing. I didn’t care too much about it.

  4. Ok. The fanny fart issue. I had this problem with my (very sweet, young, male) personal trainer – the on-Bench leg lifts were causing.. Let’s say….a pumping action.I had to casually point out that it was a move I just couldn’t carry on doing and did not expand further. I left with my dignity intact (just)
    The girls in my pole class totally understood – sometimes we all have a problem with “girl talk” – but in a pole class you can call it that, laugh and move on (not so easy in a crowded gym with your trainer!)

  5. Last summer I was practicing my elbow grip during a very humid day when I slipped from the pole. God knows how one of my hands slipped up and lifted one side of my top.
    Flashing my instructor and my classmate wouldn’t have been thaaaat awkward… if they hadn’t been both male. xD
    Yay for co-ed classes?

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