Black Friday For Pole – Do We Like It?

Yesterday morning my partner and I were talking about the psychology around Black Friday. Needless to say, the conversation didn’t get very far before I slightly changed the subject and started talking about all the things I wanted to buy.

I always avoid large crowds and had no intention of going out shopping – but why would I when all the pole goodies are online? 😀

I assumed that getting deals on Black Friday would be a good thing – customers buy items cheaper than usual, shops probably make a lot more sales than usual, and those who don’t like it can ignore the whole thing. Everyone’s a winner.

Or So I Thought!

Over here in the UK Black Friday has never really been a big deal – or at least to me. I only realised that it was an ‘event’ last year when I managed to get 50% off a PoleTrition programme that I had been wondering about when I encountered it a few months earlier. Happy days.

This year I thought ahead and stopped myself buying those much needed Bad Kitty goodies months ago, waiting for the deals that I knew would come.

Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t desperately waiting online for the clock to tick just past midnight to start spending, but it seems silly to pay full price for something I know I can get cheaper.

Those Without Deals

It surprised me to see a few anti (and angry) Black Friday grumbles from people wondering why we don’t all feel cheated and disgusted that these companies can obviously charge less all year round but don’t. Until I realised this particular grumble came from a pole vendor not participating in the sales…

I then saw one from X-Pole UK which I liked. They were basically saying how they always maintain the highest standards, quality and fair pricing and were therefore not participating in Black Friday. I thought it was very honest and a great reflection on the company. There’s no need for the attack approach that other companies have taken.

It must be hard being a pole company and feeling the pressure of Black Friday, trying to compete with all the other deals around. One on hand you can put deals out there, perhaps make more sales but less profit, or you don’t participate in which case you might lose custom to those who are.

Running a pole school, I know I’m not in a position to offer any deals. As it is I have to pay room rent, Paypal fees, web hosting fees, get forms photocopied and certificates printed as well as taking the time to plan lessons, put the poles up and down and of course teach.  Even if the schools around me ran deals, I don’t think I would – but I wouldn’t grumble if they did.

We all know that we could go into our local (enter generic sports clothing company shop here) and buy a good enough sports bra for under £10. We all know that we could buy a nice pole specific one for twice that (if you’re lucky) but probably more like three or four times that. The difference is the quality.

I’ve bought so many pole products and non pole specific products and I know what I like. There are certain pole companies that I wouldn’t buy from, regardless of how much of a discount I would get. There is also a lot of non pole equipment and clothing that I would buy over pole specific items.

I’ve done my research and I know what I like. I use Black Friday as a way of getting money off of things that I was already going to buy. I can of course be persuaded to use the money I’ve saved to buy something else, but I’m sure I’m not the only one 😀

I’ve also come across more pole sites recently as people have been posting about the goodies that they have bought. What do you think – do you like the deals and bargains of Black Friday, or do you have no idea what I’m talking about? 😀

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Thanks for this Holly! I totally agree, I was cringing watching people buying things in the run up to Black Friday thinking nooooo wait for it haha. I know I do!

    I also agree that there was no need for the attack on everyone’s discounts that you mention, but it makes little difference as all of the top brands had fantastic discounts for us all, I doubt they batted an eyelid 🙂

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