Pole Resolutions

As you’re reading this, I’m sure that quite a lot of you have already decided on what your New Years Resolutions are going to be. For me, me past resolutions usually end up being quite vague – get fitter, eater healthier, drink more water! The resolutions have usually come about after a week of eating bad and fatty, yet great tasting food at Christmas.

I got to the point where I stopped writing resolutions as I knew I’d break them in a week or so, and decided to instead write what I wanted to achieve in the coming year. The idea is that if you know what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to do it. The problem is that I can’t find the piece of paper I’ve written last years on, to find out what I achieved on the list! It’s in the house somewhere so it’ll turn up…

Anyway, I know I’ve achieved certain easier things like go on holiday and others like do the box splits, I sadly haven’t managed.

With the New Year looming, I wanted to think about this years resolutions. I have so many that if I wrote them all down, it would read like a giant to-do list that I would need to try and tick off day after day. They also are either far too general – ‘be fitter’ or too specific ‘hold the plank for 1 minute every day.’

Pole Specific Aims

When it comes to making pole resoltions, I wonder what the best way to go is. Should we be specific and try to master our Ayesha or should we be more general and work on our flexibility?

I tend to think that on the whole, resolutions should be about a way of life, rather than focusing on specifics, yet I’ve never managed to keep any, so maybe I’m wrong!

The other aspect of pole resolutions (I wanted to shorten it but the only way I could merge these words is to ‘pole-utions’, which probably sends the wrong message!) is the time limit. Is there any point being specific about pole aims when we are talking about a whole year? I suppose it depends on how often you get to pole. Perhaps if you’ve only just started and try to attend classes weekly, then being able to invert is a good aim. For those of us who have a lot more access to a pole, is there any point in being specific? Realistically, in a years time we should be able to achieve a wide range of pole moves as long as we practice. Yet if we don’t write it on on our list, then will we actually try it or perhaps just forget that move?

Here’s My Plan…

I’ve decided to have both specific and general resolutions.

My general pole resolutions are:

  • Be more flexible (more yoga, Pilates and stretching)
  • Pole a lot more (I’m aiming for half an hour min a day with one day rest a week)

My Specifics are:

  • Get rid of my twisted grip (It doesn’t not do my wrists any good!)
  • Perfect the knee hold (I’m so very close, just need to hold without twisting)
  • Be able to climb the pole with just my arms, while holding my legs in a v shape, parallel to the ground.

I figure that if I have some general aims, then I’ll have something to work on all year round. With the specifics, I’ve started out with things that I could probably achieve by the end of Jan. I think there’s no point aiming for the hardest move straight away. Once I can perfect these things that I’ve been working on already, then I’ll be ready to move on and progress. Don’t get me wrong, I add new moves to my wish list every day but a little bit of focus really helps to get the job done.

It’s Your Turn

I’m keen to hear what your Pole Resolutions are. Are they general or specific, or have you just decided not to make any this year?

What ever you’ve chosen, I hope you achieve everything you want to achieve this year. And most importantly, Happy New Year!! 🙂

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. My resolutions are same as yours re pole – find 30 min a day for ME on the pole – I teach loads of mixed classes and pole – I have been so busy choreographing for new classes ( burlesque fit/bootylicious etc ) that I haven’t been on the pole enough – I use my clients to demo moves to each other and the really good ones. ( more advanced than me ) I’m moving around and holding in place ! And by the time my time comes I’m knackered !!!

  2. Good article! I definitely want to set up a regular pole session schedule at home and incorporate weight training for strength, especially for my arms/wrists. I would also like to master some moves like all the 1 handed spins and work on endurance.

  3. I have a few Pole Resolutions for 2014, and I have already started working hard to achieve them.

    1. Be able to touch my foot to the back of my head!
    2. Get into Flat splits front and side on the ground and in the air.
    And number three is a bit more general not so specific
    3. Increase back flexibility

    I bought a couple pole specific stretch DVDs, I also signed up for a Ballet class to help with balance and strength.

    But… My number 1 goal of 2014 is, Be competition ready by the end of the year.

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