Is Pole Dancing Difficult?

I’m always getting people asking ‘Is Pole Dancing Difficult?’ and there’s really no straight answer. It simply is Yes and No.

Is it difficult as much as anything new is – everytime you try a new move you will probably find it difficult but once you’ve got that move nailed, usually it’s a piece of cake.

It Isn’t Difficult…

Pole Dancing is not as difficult as people think. A lot of people watch pole dancing videos or tutorials and panic thinking that they won’t be able to do any moves. Of course if you’re trying a Deadlift on your first day it is very, very unlikely that you’ll get anywhere close but if you start with a fireman spin, you will probably do a good enough job and have a great sense of achievement when you do.

The great thing about pole dancing is that you really do start from scratch. Most courses are designed in a way that you will start off with some easy spins to get you used to the pole. Every class you take part in, you will get stronger and fitter and your body will adapt for pole dancing so that you will be a lot stronger when the time comes to try harder moves.

You don’t need to start pole dancing with a high level of fitness. A lot of people worry and think they are not strong enough to hold themselves up. While you will work towards moves when you hold your own body weight, a lot of spins use your momentum to get you round the pole, rather than your strength.

When I pick up weights in the gym I’m almost useless when it comes to any kind of upper body workout, yet when I’m on the pole I can hold myself up with just my arms for hours on end. (I haven’t actually held myself up for that long but imagine I could 🙂 )

It Is Difficult…

As with most things, if it’s worth doing, it will be difficult. There would be no sense of enjoyment or achievement if every spin or trick came so naturally that you didn’t even need to try.

There will be moves that you can pick up really easily over the course of a one hour class yet there are some moves that you may struggle with class after class. The great thing about pole dancing is that you can work on multiple moves at once. While there may be one move you struggle with, there will be others that you nail in the mean time.

There are always moments of frustration with pole dancing where you simply can’t get a move. A lot of the time moves just click into place so even if you’ve struggled for months and months on end, you could be just one class away from getting it right.

As with everything in life you can just have your ‘off days’. Sometimes for no reason at all you may struggle with even the easiest moves that you know you can do. While this can be frustrating it is good to know that moments like this don’t happen very often or last long and so your next class will be so much better.

It Is Worth It!

You can ask any pole dancer who has struggled with a move or ever had any problems with pole dancing (which is pretty much all of us) that it is definitely worth any hard times you come across. Being able to master a move, no matter how long you’ve been trying it is a really great feeling.

You can feel yourself getting better and stronger as the classes go on and it will give you such a great mental attitude and you’ll really look forward to pole dancing.

I’m sure most pole dancers will remember how great it felt to get your first spin right and those great feelings just keep on coming. So why wait?

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