Inverted D

Invert on the pole placing your outside foot over the front and your inside foot behind the pole. You can pass through a V Invert if you want, but need to end up with your legs on the pole as in a basic invert. Keep your outside hand where it is on the pole, and reach down with your inside arm, fingers point to the floor. Hold the pole and pull your body straight.  Make sure your arms are straight and your top hand is pulling and your bottom hand is pushing into the pole. Try to move your body slightly away from the pole, keeping it straight to the pole as if going in to the Butterfly.

If you do not feel strong at this point, keep trying this part until you feel stronger. Slowly release your knee grip on the pole while keeping the pole hooked by your feet. At the same time move your bottom away from the pole to enable you to straighten your legs. Keep looking up at your legs. Keep moving until your legs are straight. When your front (hooked) leg is straight, take your back foot over the other side of the pole – one leg should be either side of the pole at this point. You can squeeze between your feet or just above your ankles. This is your Inverted D – hold this position.

To come out pull your body back into the pole and re grip with your legs to then slide to the floor, or release your legs to come out into a handstand kick down.

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