Strength Moves to Add to Your Workouts


Sometimes I get really overwhelmed with all the different things I’m trying and wanting to train. I never know whether I should work on strength moves or flexibility, combos or go over old moves.

I’ve started to add strength training in to every workout. I only add in a small amount and really focus on the big moves I want to get.

Depending on what move it is, I try and add 3 – 5 on each side.

I wanted to give you a rough idea of types of moves, so that you can then pick and choose exercises suitable for your level. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Knee Tuck Progressions:

1 – One Leg Off the Ground and Hold
2 – One Knee Bent and Lift the Other
3 – Full Knee Tucks – Singles
4 – Full Knee Tucks – In a Row

Climb Progressions:

5 – Basic Climb
6 – Forearm Climb
7 – Forearm Pencil from the Floor
8 – Forearm Pencil from Climb
9 – Split Grip Pencil from Climb

Pull-up Progressions:

10 – Seated Pull-ups
11 – Arms Only Pull-ups

Dynamic Pull-up Variations:

12 – Pencil Spin
13 – Outside Climb Over

Strength Moves:

14 – Shoulder Mount Plank
15 – Deadlift Prep
16 – Iron X

I hope you like this video – let me know how you get on 😀

Much pole love ❤️

Holly x

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