Happy Polemas!

Now I love Christmas… Maybe a little too much! I love the good food, spending time with the family and taking time off from ‘real life.’ Even if you’re not a fan of Christmas hopefully you’ll love a bit of time off from work or even that cosy feeling when you’re inside with a warm hot chocolate when it’s freezing outside. Throw in a pair of fluffy socks and it sounds like a fantastic day – well to me at least!

I remember back to my school days – many moons ago now, where we would play games in the last week of term. Everywhere was decorated, we had a massive Christmas show on the last day and we all walked off into the holidays with Christmas music playing.

Well now we are going to recreate that feeling in pole!

Dressing Up

I love dressing up regardless of the occasion but finally we have a great one! I say dress up for your last day of pole before Christmas, whether this is in class or at home. Nothing looks better (or funnier) than an elf swinging around the pole. Just make sure your outfit is pole proof. I dressed as an elf a couple of years ago and it was a lot of fun. It gave me a new challenge on the pole. What I didn’t think about was the bells attached to the bottom of my dress that got caught on my legs during a pole sit – ouch! Needless to say, the bells didn’t last long, but the outfit did!

Not a fan of dressing up? Why not go for a Christmassy jumper or even a hat? Just a little something to make your last session feels special. And it gives you an insight in to what wearing costumes for shows and performances is like!


Introducing games into pole is a great way of making strength training fun! Get yourself a star or an angel and a little bit of tape. One of you is going to climb the pole aka Christmas tree and place the star right at the top, and the other is then going to climb up and take it down. (We don’t want it falling off and onto your head after all!) Keep going for an allotted time and the team with the most climbs wins 🙂

You can do this in groups or you can do this by yourself as well. Great fun and you’ll be working hard too.


Nothing makes me happier than hearing Christmas music at an appropriate time. 2 months before Christmas is far too early but the last pole class before Christmas is perfect! Depending on you, your students or the music you have in your pole room at home, it’s up to you how full on you go with this. Me? I’m all the way!

I understand that’s not for everyone so why not play it just for the warm up or cool down? You can always do a routine to a Christmassy number as well!

Secret Pole Santa

Depending on how well you know everyone in your class you can do a little Secret Santa – the best part about this is that it’s likely that you’ll receive a pole related gift –  people outside of pole may not realise these kind of things even exist!

Even if you pole at home rather than with others, why not spend the same amount on yourself? It is Christmas after all!

However you decide to celebrate, I hope you have an amazing time! Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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