Should We All Be Polished Polers?

I read a comment from someone a few weeks ago (and can’t remember who it was!) and they were talking about putting pictures and videos up for all the world to see.

The gist of the comment was about why we feel the need to put up perfect pole pictures of us doing the hardest move going – and often claiming it was really easy. Why do we have to be perfect? And why oh why do we feel the need to put on a front – ‘first time I’ve tried this deadlift and I got it.’

Well, I’ve been thinking about this for a few days – and I would say that for me, I try to put up real pictures. If I’ve struggled with a move, I’ll be honest about it. My pole journey has taken me 8 years, and some of the moves have taken me YEARS to get. So when I see a picture of someone doing their ‘first’ deadlift ever perfectly, I kind of don’t believe them.

Does It Matter?

Hell no! There is absolutely no point in judging yourself on others – who cares how long it took them, their pole journey is different to yours. As you’ll probably see in class, we all have areas that we excel in, be it inverts, knee holds, climbs, spins – anything really.

In terms of pole pictures being perfect, well let’s put it this way. If you’ve taken a few pictures of you on a night out, which one are you going to show the world – the one where you all look amazing nearer the start of the night, or one towards the end of the night where the fake eyelashes are coming off? Probably the first (unless you’re like me and put up the latter, as it’s hilarious – yes I have this picture)

And the same goes for pole. I know that if I’m putting up a picture I’ll put up the best version that I have – why wouldn’t I? I get inspired by the pictures and videos that I see, and hope that I do the same for others. It’s important for me to make sure that I’m using the correct technique – so others don’t copy and injure themselves.

I also put up the crappy pictures. I’ve got one of me struggling to deadlift (video below) and kind of cheating my way up there. I’m showing anyone I can as this is a massive 3 year achievement for me. I want to have proof it happened, to see how it looks and can be improved and yes, I want to show it off.

I also want to show that the struggle is real – I don’t just go up and have it looking like magic, it’s not there yet… But I’m sure I’ll have a video of that when the time comes. 😀


For me, I don’t really mind what kind of pictures people put up – as long as they aren’t putting themselves or others in danger. I have seen some really dangerous ones out there, where it’s likely the poler will land on their head, which hopefully we will steer away from.

I know how hard it is for people to nail moves. My chair spin took me weeks and weeks, so when we get one, let’s celebrate. In class we clap and occasionally hug when people get moves they’ve been working on. It’s all such a big achievement and should be celebrated.

I think the initial comment about pole pics was asking more about the accompanying statement. Why do people feel the need to say ‘this is me after one week of pole’ and show us an aerial shoulder mount. Honestly, I don’t know.

I would say that putting up statuses about how quickly you achieve things can be misleading. If someone is learning at home and they see someone saying ‘I’ve been poling for a week, here’s my aerial shoulder mount’ it sets unrealistic and dangerous goals for people. I’ve been asked why someone can’t go upside down after poling for a week! Yes, a week. Imagine if we all went upside down after a week! Wowzers.

I’m sure some people do get moves super quick depending on their background… but not everyone used to be an Olympic gymnast!

So I suppose it’s up to you what you post. I will always be as honest as I can, why wouldn’t I? My achievement isn’t getting the move in a certain amount of time, but just getting it!

Tell us what you like about your pictures – it’s your pole journey and we all have our own. No move is too small. So let’s see what you’ve got 😀

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Interesting post. I’m new to pole and in my newbie excitement, I’ve spent a ridiculous amount of time watching pole videos over the last few weeks. I LOVE watching those pro videos of advanced moves being effortlessly nailed with finesse – and obviously they’re mesmerizingly inspirational – but I’ve found that it’s actually the rarer amateur videos of those “failed attempts” or “not quite there, but getting there” clips that I find much more encouraging and motivating. You can see the struggle and the effort behind the moves, which I’m sure all of us can absolutely relate to – plus they help me to stay realistic and encouraged about my own progression. So I say NO! to perfection and YES! to more of the honest, progression shots and vids! 🙂

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