Gemini Plank (Flatlined Scorpio / Hang Tough)

Invert on the pole. Bring the top half of your body up so that you are able to place your strong hand low on the pole with your fingers pointing towards the floor. Hold on to the pole by your legs with your weaker hand to help with your grip. (When you have mastered this move you will not need to use this weaker hand) You need to make sure that your strong leg is gripping on to the pole at the inner thigh and top of the foot which needs to be over the other side of the pole. When you have a strong grip with your strong leg take your weaker leg off of the pole and point it out away from your body placing it in a horizontal line. You may need to bring your strong leg down or bend it in order to straighten your other leg. Take your weaker hand off the pole and point it straight out above your head (horizontally) so that your body is in a straight and horizontal line.

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