Ayesha: Pole Dance Tutorial


Go into a Basic Invert on the pole – you can go into a V Invert first if you wish. Make sure you have your outside leg over the front of the pole and your inside leg behind. Keep your outside hand where it is on the pole. Take your inside hand off of the pole, placing it as low on the pole as you can, with your fingers pointing to the floor. Make sure your body is straight and in line with the pole. Pull with your top arm. Push in with your bottom arm (you may need to bend it slightly) to push your body away from the pole (as if you were going into a Butterfly.) Keep your bottom arm straight.

Look up at the ceiling and keep looking up throughout the whole move. Move your body slowly through the next stages. Release the grip in your knees, keeping the grip by your feet. Slide your feet down the pole as you move your butt away from the pole.

When your legs are as low as they can comfortably go without taking them off the pole, take your front (outside) leg off of the pole. Imagine you are trying to get your leg parallel to the floor and out in a V shape, so point it away from the pole.

When you feel steady in this position, slowly take your back (inside) foot off of the pole and mirror your other leg. Both legs should now create a V shape, with your legs parallel to the floor. Hold this Ayesha position.

To come out of this move, pull on the pole with your top hand to bring your legs back on the pole in a Basic Invert position and slide down.

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