Aerial Invert Combo 1 – Aerial Invert, Butterfly, Hero, Split Heel Pose

Climb the pole and go into an aerial invert – preferably into a V Invert (or Chopper). Hook your outside leg over the pole between the knee and ankle. Take your inside arm low on the pole to go into a Butterfly. Push up on the pole with your inside arm as you swing your inside (back) leg around the pole to connect at the front upper thigh. Keep both legs straight – take your outside (top) arm off of the pole if you can to go into your Hero. Place your outside hand back on the pole where it was and really pull the pole. Bring your inside leg (straight leg away from the pole) low down the pole. Place the sole of the bottom foot on the pole and keep the top ankle over the front. Slide or place your inside arm high on the pole just underneath your outside (top) arm.

To release, place the inside arm low on the pole, release the bottom leg and lower to the ground.

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