8 Tips To Add A Workout To Your Daily Tasks

As much as we would all want to do a long pole workout every day and see great improvements, some times life just gets in the way and we just can’t.

There are certain things that we know we’re likely to do everyday so why not try to add a little workout into these daily tasks to give us that little extra daily workout.

Here Are My 8 Tips For An At Home Workout:

  1. When you clean your teeth there is very little else to do. So why not add in some wall squats? Stand with your back to the wall and walk your legs away until they are bent at a 90 degree. Keep your back on the wall to keep you stable. Hold this position throughout cleaning your teeth to build up strength in your legs and thighs.
  2. If you have stairs in your house, when you need to go upstairs run up once first (or as fast as you can go) and then walk down. Go up for the second time taking the stairs two at a time to work on your leg strength.
  3. When you are put away shopping or getting cans out of the cupboard add in 3 reps of 10 shoulder raises. This will only take a minute or two but you will really feel the effects.
  4. When you do the hoovering really tighten and engage your core muscles. You’ll probably be hoovering for quite a while – or at least it takes me ages! You may forget at times about engaging your core but it’s fine to slip in and out – it’s just a nice little exercise to fit in anyway.
  5. If you have background music playing, when a song comes on that you really like turn up the music loud and just start dancing. I mean really go for it. You don’t have to be pulling out any show stopping moves but just give it a go and you’ll have a great cardio workout. Oh, and it’s really fun too.
  6. While watching television – or doing any activity when you are sitting down squeeze your bum for about 10 seconds and release. You can also do quick pulses. I find that I can do this for about a minute or so before I get distracted by the t.v but I keep doing it whenever I remember.
  7. Try and pick a time when you know you will be walking or standing around such as tidying the house or cooking in the kitchen. Try standing on your tip toes throughout the duration. This will improve your calf strength but will also help you with your balance. Every so often stand on your tip toes and close your eyes to see how long you can balance for. You can also lift one leg up at a time to increase the difficulty.
  8. You can easily work in core strengthening exercises to your daily tasks. When you lie down – such as when you are going to bed, lie on your back and lift both feet up to the ceiling. Keeping your legs straight and together, lower them down as slow as you can. This will take less then 30 seconds and you will really feel the benefit. You can even do this more than once if you’re feeling up to it!

I’ve been speaking to Monique Crick who inspired me to write this article. She also provided me with a few other at home tips:

  • Body rolls when getting things out of fridge or kitchen drawers
  • Sexy stand as I pick up toys or other objects off floor
  • While hanging out washing on the line I stretch my legs by bending, keeping legs straight and getting stuff out of the basket on the ground (not using a trolley) and sometimes lifting one leg behind (trying hard…but not quite getting there) to do standing splits
  • Squats while giving a child a piggy back
  • Squats while feeding a child in a high chair

What Do You Add Into Your Daily Routines?

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