4 Mini Core Workouts


When I’m not on the pole, or able to go on the pole, I know that I want to keep up my fitness levels. I often forget how quick and easy it can be to add a little workout into the day.

So to help with that, I’ve compiled 4 mini core workouts for you to try. Each workout can be done in less than 15 minutes, and you will definitely feel this by the end of the first set!

You won’t need any equipment for these – just yourself.

I’ve written the full description in the YouTube link if you want to screenshot it and take it with you, so you can workout at your own leisure.

You can do these workouts by themselves or add them into a current workout to make up your core section.

I hope you enjoy these workouts – let me know how you get on and please subscribe if you would like to see more like this 😀

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