15 Minute Core & Abs Routine for Polers

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In the video above, I wanted to take you through a quick abdominal / core routine you can easily do at home, in the gym or at the pole studio! It should only take you about 15 minutes 🙂

I have four exercises for you, which you can do as a circuit, or one-by-one.

  • Plank Leg Lifts
  • Bicycles
  • Trunk Twists
  • Leg Lowers

To perform these abs exercises as a circuit, perform each drill for 60 seconds, moving from one to the next with no rest. Once you have done all four exercises, rest for 60 seconds. For a great abdominal workout, you should aim to repeat this 3 times through.

Key Points for the Exercises

Plank Leg Lifts

Keep your core tight, and maintain a neutral (flat) position for your low back – don’t allow your torso to bow or sag towards the floor. Aim to keep your trunk completely still as you swap one foot on the ground for the other.


Don’t strain through your neck, and aim to perform smooth controlled crunches.

Trunk Twists

Allow your shoulders/upper torso to twist from left to right, rather than just moving your arms from side to side! Aim too keep your feet still… it’s hard! If this is too difficult, place your feet on the ground.

Leg Lowers

Be careful of your low back with this one. Aim to keep your low back flat against the floor throughout the movement.

As with all workouts, be sure to stop if you feel any discomfort, and remember that form is everything!

Good luck 🙂

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Holly wished that there was more Pole Dancing help available when I was learning, so now she aims to provide that help through writing, blogging and teaching here on PoleFreaks.

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