Your Pole Rock

I’ve come to the conclusion that everyone in the pole community has a pole rock. You might call them a pole buddy, pole brother / sister or even pole mamma. What ever you call them, they are the person that’s always there for you and is spurring you on, to get back on the pole and telling you that you can do it.

You might not have realised quite how important that person is to you and your poling… until now!

My Pole Rock

My pole rock is an obvious one. He’s the person who holds the camera for me, helps me with the technical side of the website, spots me and tells me that he’s proud of me every other day. He is definitely my pole rock. You might have seen him sneaking into some of my videos helping with spotting or strength training.

I’m so grateful for his help and definitely know that I couldn’t have achieved half of the moves I have without him. It sounds soppy I know, but I will always have loyalty to anyone who brings me food at the end of class 😀

You Are A Pole Rock

I love being in class and hearing students helping each other out. Sometimes it’s helping to get the move with a ‘put your leg here and arm there.’ Other times it’s encouragment which is really great to hear. Students of all levels give each other praise even if they don’t know each other very well. They don’t need to – all they need is to have pole in common!

The thing I love to hear the most is praise, and this comes in lots of different ways and hopefully from different voices too! It’s the kind of motivation that takes you from feeling rubbish about not nailing a move, to remembering how far you’ve come and how good you are. They keep you going when you’re tired and can feel the burn. And they are there to help you have confidence – whether they are physically spotting you or just being there for you.

Now you’re thinking about it, hopefully you’ll be able to figure out who your pole rock is… and it’s more than likely that you are a pole rock for someone else!

Those times when you’re in class saying ‘have another go, you can do it’ really encourages your pole buddy to get back up and try again – and it’s more important than you think.

So let’s keep the pole love going and tell your pole buddy how much you appreciate them! I love you pole buddy! 😀

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