Resistance Band Training For Pole Dancers


You may have seen a few videos of people using resistance bands to help them with their pole work. I never really understood how useful resistance bands were until I started using them.

I like to use the bands on strength-based moves. I’m currently working on my Cup Grip Deadlift, Tabletop with straight legs, Human Flag and Brass Monkey Lift.

Of course, there are so many other cool moves to try too 😀

When (and How) to Use a Resistance Band for Pole Dance Training

I decide to train with a resistance band when I can get through maybe 80% of the move, but I can’t quite get that last 20%.

I always make sure that it is a challenge for me – there’s not point using a band with too much assistance and you fly up there. Yes, you may be able to do the move but you won’t be working on your strength as much as you perhaps should be.

With a lot of pole moves you need to make sure that you have enough of a base layer of strength. For example, there’s not much point working on a Cup Grip Deadlift if your still working on beginner spins.

Your First Time

It takes a little bit of practice to trust the resistance band and feel that it’s not going to ping back in your face!!

I’m using resistance bands from RubberBanditz which can safely stretch to 150% of its length, so I know it can go pretty far.

As I write this, I can happily say that I’ve never had a band ping back at me. It’s super important to control your landing and allow the band to return to a shorter length, before removing yourself from it.

When I first try a new move with a band, I always get someone to spot me. Sometimes you can use the bands to get yourself up the pole, but then find that you are trapped on the pole and can’t get down! So if you have a spotter, they can help you!

I only ever work on moves that I know I can control safely with the help of the band.

Off The Pole

You don’t have to have a pole to feel the benefits of resistance bands – you can use them in so many ways – my favourite of which being pull-ups and ring assisted tricep dips – the combination of the two is similar to a muscle up, woo hoo!

Writing this, I’m currently on holiday and we have packed our resistance bands so we know we can get a good work out in.

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