Put Your Pole Self Out There

When I had been poling for about 6 years, for some reason I had been keeping it to myself – I never meant to, it just never seemed to come up in conversation. It’s very rare when you tell someone you’ve been working out, that they ask specifics of what you have been doing. I’m a secretive person by nature so I’ve always kept myself in a little pole bubble.

After I stopped taking lessons, I’d teach myself moves at home and learn from all the books and DVDs I could find. I studied really hard and watched every tutorial I could. While this was great at first, I did feel a little lonely. I unintentionally pulled my partner into my pole world and now he loves it for all the right reasons!

Putting Myself Out There

I started teaching and realised that I really needed to up my game. I wanted to learn more and needed to put myself out there. I’ve been writing about pole for years but more often than not, any pictures there are of me, don’t include my face.

I decided to film tutorials and for the first time – my face and voice were out there for all the pole world to see. Despite knowing what I am talking about (or at least I think I do!) I still get a little nervous showing people the real me. What would they think of my voice, or am I toned enough or a good enough pole dancer?

Putting Yourself Out There

The truth is, the pole community is amazing! Everyone is super friendly, kind and committed to pole. We love to see other polers achieving something, no matter what level the move is. If you put out a picture of your first superman or pole climb or even fireman spin, you will get so many people congratulating you.

I’m not saying to put yourself out there for an ego boost – but you do need to do it for yourself. The great thing is that there are so many different ways to put yourself out there.

Firstly, you can help others out. Start being brave and comment on other peoples pole posts – ask them questions of how to do a move or answer one of theirs. Congratulate them on a new move or even just like their picture or retweet their tweet. This is quite a nice small step to take so that you can test the waters and try to build up your confidence.

Secondly, physically put yourself out there. This is a really great move for everyone. Whether you are new to pole and are taking pole classes, have been doing it at home for years, or even if you are a pole instructor – there’s nothing like going along to a masterclass or workshop.

You can literally be face to face (and sometimes face to other body parts!) with your favourite poler. It’s really amazing to be taught by someone you admire. In most workshops there’ll be time to ask questions, so if you have been struggling with a trick, it’s the perfect time to nail it. It can be a bit nerve wracking going along for the first time and not knowing what to expect, but think of it as a brilliant pole class. There will be moves that you can get as well as moves that you will need to work on. If poling was easy, everyone would be doing it.

And The Biggest Step?

For me, the biggest step was to share my pole pics and videos with the world. I did worry that people would think I wasn’t good enough or strong enough, but I just had to be brave and do it. I haven’t looked back. It’s so encouraging to hear from non-polers who are impressed by your moves and polers who push you to go further and believe in you.

My face is out there, my voice is out there – and really who cares? You know your own pole journey and how long it took you to get there. You should be proud of everything you have achieved, and let no-one stand in your way. What are you waiting for? Comment, share moves, upload your pics, go to a class. But most of all? Pole! 😀

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