OpenDance Academy – Honest Review

So, before we begin with this review of OpenDance Academy, I want to be completely transparent…

I paid for the platinum package of OpenDance Academy myself. I have not been asked to write this review, and they’re not paying me to do so. I do have an affiliate link for OpenDance Academy if you choose to use it, but I am writing this honest review so you know what you’ll be getting on the inside of their programme.

Ok, now let’s begin 😀

OpenDance Academy Review

Why Did I Sign-Up for OpenDance Academy?

So, the reason I was drawn to this was firstly the number of different “pole star” instructors featured, many of whom I love, and have taken real-world workshops with. Second was the amount of content promised as part of their platinum package. At the time, I was feeling a little stuck in my own training sessions and wanted a bit of guidance and inspiration.

As I just mentioned, I’ve had pole workshops with a lot of the instructors for OpenDance Academy, and learnt so much from them all in-person. I also figured that each workshop I did at the Vegas Expo last year was $85 – $125 and since I’m not going this year (2018), it seemed like a good way to spend the money I’d saved!

In trying to decide which package to sign-up for, I honestly got a little confused while working my way around the website, trying to understand the offers available and exactly what I would be getting with each different membership.

OpenDance Academy Review & Promo Code

I now know you can pay $40 for a selection of lessons as a kind of taster / trial membership before buying the full package if you want to. There are also packages for flexibility and stretching which I haven’t bought as I’m currently using Charlotte Robertson’s Live Love Bend programme.

After a couple of days, I jumped straight in and went for the platinum package.

Price & Packages

Let’s begin with price because I know straight away that will make you wonder whether to buy it or not. Platinum lifetime access is currently priced at $350 and they also have the taster sessions mentioned above.

The great thing is that you can see all of the names of the moves and who’s the instructor before buying. What you see is what you get! There is a lot of content there, you can see all the lessons, you just need to be a member to access them.

With the tasters I think they’ve selected a good range of tutorials. For example: they have a warm-up, an exotic combo, a strength combo, spin tutorial, flexibility move etc.

If you’re an all rounder then that’s great, but if you’re perhaps not super flexible (like me) you might find some of the moves too much for right now… ‘future’ you can try that one 😀

I decided to buy the platinum lifetime package as when I looked at the trials I realised that I could just spend $40 initially, but having looked at all the full package I realised I’d probably end up buying that in the long-run! 😀

At the time I also found a promo code on Instagram to use for 10% off… that helped seal the deal!

OpenDance Academy Promo Code

I now have my own promo code you can use to get the same discount.

Feel free to use the code PoleFreaks to save 10% on your membership.

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What Do You Get?

As mentioned above, you can see all the names for the tutorials before you buy your membership. Of course you won’t know what some of them are but it gives you a good idea.

While there are a few moves you will definitely know, what I like the most is how much original content there is.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know the moves are already out there somewhere but you have people teaching you moves and combos that they created as well as awesome moves and combos that we know and love.

I would say that they stay away from more obvious combos that you’d probably learn in class.

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Tutorial Presentation

I have very little patience with online things, which I know is silly, but I love that these tutorials show you the move almost immediately. My brain processes the information much better if I know what I’m getting myself into.

All the tutorials are presented nicely – check out the free tutorials to see if you like how they are presented.

Who Is OpenDance Academy Aimed At?

While there are beginner, intermediate and advanced tutorials, I would say that you need to have a good knowledge and background of pole. It’s not a syllabus that will take you from never having been on a pole to nailing all the advanced moves, but if you have a good pole foundation it’ll be a great training tool.

I would also say that while the tutorials are split into beginner, intermediate and advanced categories, I would use those labels loosely, like a guide. Some of the advanced stuff I find super-easy while some “beginner” moves I find really hard!

Make sure you look at all the moves and don’t give up if you think the moves in the beginner section are too hard 😀

As a pole instructor myself, I can see that OpenDance Academy membership would also be super beneficial for fellow instructors, and perhaps anyone wanting to go to workshops but for any reason can’t. Some of these moves are super-hard, so as long as you’re happy to work for them, you’ll enjoy it.

I think that you should have a strong invert, and knowledge of spins, climbs, seats and basic invert moves before buying.

Of course there are a lot of moves that don’t require a strong invert but you’ll benefit more if you do… in my opinion!

I hope that helps.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the OpenDance Academy 😀

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