New Year’s Pole Resolutions?

As we head into another new year, resolution time rolls around again.

I used to do New Year’s Resolutions many years ago, until I realised that they last a week, maybe two and then are given up on. I’d give up chocolate after having too much at Christmas, or I’d vow to go to the gym everyday.

My resolutions were always unrealistic and usually were thought of after having 10x too many Quality Streets after dinner. When I realised that for me, resolutions were always pointless, I stopped doing them.

So instead, there are two things that I do.

The List

The first is to write down a bullet point list of all the things I want to achieve over the next year.

This is meant to be a really quick job – give yourself 5 minutes and write the first things that come in to your mind. Never write more than 10 points.

Once you’ve written and read your list, put it in a envelope and put it away for you to read next year.

I write my list without thinking too much about it, as they tend to be more honest and real. If you think about it too much, while it might be something you want to do in the year, it probably requires more thinking about. If you already have it in your mind, you are much more likely to want to achieve it.

That’s not to say that you won’t achieve things that are not on the list – of course you will!

When you come to read the list at the end of the year, it’s so interesting to see where you were, and where you’ve got to. Of course, priorities change and so some points on your list might not be relevant any more. You might also have put things on there that you simply can’t achieve in one year (for me that’s box splits!)

I’ve just found my list from 2012! The relevant points that I wanted to achieve were to do an aerial shoulder mount – tick, box splits – erm… cross, have another dance job – tick.

I usually end up putting a mixture of pole, work and home things in there – having a holiday and moving house was on my list too!

Usually I manage to achieve all of my goals, unless my priorities change and they are no longer relevantĀ goals. The only one I haven’t been able to do yet is box splits. Looks like it’ll be on the list again for this year!

Have A Think

So the second thing I do is to sit, think and reflect.

I find that I’m often so busy that I don’t have time to think about what I want to do, and how I’m going to be able to do it.

Thinking about what I want to do is amazing. It allows you to think in long terms – Do I want to do any competitions this year? What moves do I want to nail this year? What are my flexibility goals?

Of course it’s not always pole related but for the point of this blog, it is.

When I think about what I want to achieve, I don’t write it down or call it a resolution. I think about how I’m going to achieve my goals – do I need to train more, work less, drink more water, rest more?

Whatever it is, it’s probably going to mean that you need to put yourself first more, and you should.

I find that thinking honestly about what I want to do without any pressure of committing to a resolution, makes me much happier. I think about what I truly want – and it might not be what you think. You might actually want more time off or more time to stretch, rather than be on the pole. Equally you might want to up your pole training and do more workshops.

Then What?

So with my letter, I ignore it for a year.

When I sit and think, I try to make sure that I focus on what I want to do. I make sure that the things I do make me happy. I’m not doing them because I over ate at Christmas, or because everyone else is trying to get fit.

Resolutions don’t often last long, but making a life change will – think about yourself. Be happy. If you’re happy, those around you will be happy. And then, we will all be happy.

So thank you for making me happy šŸ˜€

I hope you’re having a lovely Christmas time and Happy New Year! Xx

What do you want to achieve this year?

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