Masks and Basques… and Pole?


My first thought after hearing about a ‘Masks and Basques’ charity event was ‘I want to Pole Dance for this.’

It is pitched as a night of burlesque performers, circus and aerial performers, naughty cabaret and raucous bands.

Being a burlesque teacher I already quite enjoy more bizarre events such as this. It is also held in a very modern theatre where only ‘appropriate’ performers are allowed.

I wanted to get in on the act and show the world how amazing pole dancing can be.

Will They Want Me To Pole Dance?

My first problem (of many, I’m sure) was pitching the idea. It was actually quite easy… One quick mention of a Pole Performer and all ears pricked up. I wanted to perform in the Cafe outside of the main theatre – being a 900 seater my pole would have had to reach over 3 floors and I simply don’t have enough extensions for that!

So, it looks like I’ll be performing in the Cafe with a 3m ceiling. I was hoping for a podium but alas I feel that dream will never come to pass. I get a little frustrated when people I don’t know get near my pole. It is my most precious possession and I treat it like it is made of glass. Whenever I have put my pole up in a public setting before, I constantly watch it, like you would a child. When someone comes near I try and steer them away. If they know what they’re are doing it’s fine, but when they don’t respect the pole, I get annoyed. Maybe that’s just me. Anyway…

I’m not definitely confirmed to pole dance for this event yet but I have to act like I am so that I know I’ll be prepared.

The Next Thing To Think About Is My Choice Of Song.

I always find it tricky to pick a song but this time it’s even harder! It has to fit in with the evening which probably means it has to be quite obscure. Do I perform to one song and then have a break and do another, or do I pole for two or three songs in a row? Could be painful!

I’ve decided to make my first song an act. I’m hoping to rope my pole off. (To protect it, and save my anger!) When my first song plays I’m going to ‘sneak’ into the roped off area as if I’ve never poled before. My aim isn’t to get attention immediately but for people to slowly start realising what I’m doing. Every time I try a move I will look like I’ve never done it before and am surprised by my strength. When I climb the pole I’ll look a touch worried about how to get down. It all sounds rather silly but it should be quite funny. Fingers crosses.

For the other songs I’ll aim to impress as much as I can while hoping not to fall off! I’m hoping as this is not a pole dancing crowd, like my last competition, it’ll be easier to impress.

What To Wear?

I sound like such a girl but it’s very important! The theme of the night is corsets, stockings and feather boas for the women. None of which will help my poling but instead will almost certainly destroy me. I’m thinking a leotard with mesh panels and tight hot pants. It might look okay but it’s only for the performance and then I’ll find all the feather boas I can and wear them as a dress… maybe!

The biggest issue of all is that no one is allowed to come in unless they are wearing a mask. I can only assume this means me as well. I’m not a fan of props as I know they often mess things up. I probably won’t be able to see the pole or the mask will slide down and temporarily blind me or slip off when I’m upside down.

I Definitely Need To Practise This First.

It will be very interesting pole dancing in my gym to probably burlesque inspired music in my workout gear and a mask. They already watch me pole dance so I might as well embrace it!

So now all I need to do is pick the music, the routine, find a way to act out being new to pole, choose an appropriate costume and learn to pole in a mask. Oh, and get accepted to pole for it! Easy! And then I can open peoples eyes to the world of pole dancing. What could go wrong?

Have You Ever Pole Danced For A Unique Event?

Was it difficult or simply a great experience?

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