My Pole And My Partner

My boyfriend has gone away for the weekend and I’m left alone in the house… with my pole. I got really excited that I had some quality pole dancing time, but I still missed him quite a lot. I started thinking about all of the reasons why I love Pole Dancing and how good I always feel when I get to use the pole.

It suddenly dawned on me how many ways my pole is similar to my boyfriend…


  • I always look forward to seeing my pole.
  • Regardless of what room my pole is in, it is always much taller than me.
  • My pole makes me feel strong.
  • I’m always proud of my poling and telling everyone about it!
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve accidentally flashed my pole.
  • There are not enough pictures of me and my pole.
  • My pole is heavy… I can carry it though 😉
  • I like to look after my pole and take care of it.
  • I’ve definitely hugged my pole with joy.
  • I’ve been known to accidentally kick my pole.
  • I will have my pole forever.
  • My pole will always support me.
  • I always learn new things with my pole.
  • My pole doesn’t care how I look.

And For The Differences…

My pole doesn’t steal my half of the bed 🙂



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