My New Love For Pole Theatre

Over the weekend I had my first experience with Pole Theatre and I must say, I loved it.

I remember first properly hearing about Pole Theatre two years ago when someone asked if I was going. I think I was on a training course and couldn’t make it… but in all honestly didn’t know quite what it was.

So of course, I went home and got straight on to Google.

There are some competitions that you hear of and automatically know they must be on a grand scale i.e. ‘World Championships’ – so when you come across the more obscure titles, it’s often hard to tell.

What I quickly found out was that a lot of my favourite polers love this competition – perhaps more than any other pole comp. I’d give you names but I don’t want to put words in their mouths!

Pole Theatre: A New Take On Performing

Now when I say ’new’ I mean new to me. Pole Theatre has been around a lot longer than I’ve known about it – and as a franchise is known about all over the World.

So yes, I do feel a little silly that it hasn’t been a part of my life sooner!

Pole Theatre has various different competition categories available to enter; Drama, Art, Comedy and Classique.

What I love about this competition is that you can do pretty much anything – yes anything. While of course there are certain rules that you have to stick to, there is a lot more artistic freedom.

You can dress up as any character you like. You can choose any story that you like – which gets read to the audience before you perform. You can bring on any props, sets, people, animals.

Yes I said animals!

Above is the performance from Becca Paws and Izzy as the dog burglars. I love it!

Why ‘Different’ Is So Good

I’ve been to a lot of pole comps and performances – pretty much anything I can go to, I will (at least once anyway!). I feel that in a lot of competitions you are held so rigidly in what you are / aren’t allowed to do that you get a bit stuck.

The most amazing of performances can sometimes seem a bit samey when you’ve watch twenty Spatchcocks in a row.

I like to see people being different. I like to know what a performer has chosen to express in their routine. I think it’s so nice to be different. You really can express yourself in anyway you want and you can wow your audience.

You don’t need to have been poling for 20 years or have been a ballerina or gymnast since you were 2 in order to put together an awesome routine.

Something For Everyone

The competition at the weekend was Pole Theatre UK – Amateur. And don’t be fooled by the amateur part. The standard was pretty darn high.

I haven’t really seen much of the sexy side of pole – especially in a competition. In a lot of competitions you either get banned for being overly sexy or the comp is pure sexy – and either is fine in my opinion.

As an audience member you don’t get the chance to see both in the one competition and I think it’s truly opened my eyes. For the first time I’ve thought that perhaps I do like the sexy side in comps.

Here’s Lorna Nolan’s winning performance in the Pole Theatre 2016 Classique Advanced/Instructor Level:

It adds a whole new aspect to your routine and isn’t just about the constant tricks.

Classique might even be my new favourite category! 🙂

I don’t know about the rest, but I can say this competition was really well run. Having worked in a theatre for many years, I love when a show starts on time, ends on time and runs smoothly.

There were enough breaks for you to sort yourself out and buy some goodies, but not long enough that you felt like you were waiting about.

The results were pretty much instant. The audience were constantly kept informed about everything they needed to know (which as an audience member, I love!)

I must say that I have been converted to being a Pole Theatre lover. I can’t wait for the UK Semi Pro and Pro UK comp in May.

It can’t come soon enough 😀

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