My Favourite Pole Moves from 2017


Here are some of my favourite poles moves from 2017. Some of these have been around for a long time, but these are ones I’ve tried and loved this year. I’m not sure of all of the names for these moves, but here are the ones I know:

1 Tabletop split
2 Muse
3 Pterodactyl
4 One handed flag split
5 –
6 Recliner straddle
7 Cup grip stag hold
8 Ankle split
9 Claw grip lift
10 –
11 Twizzle
12 Handstand regrip
13 Double forearm hold
14 Scorpio hold
15 Scorpio hold
16 Wonder
17 Cup grip straddle handstand
18 Bendy handstand

What moves would you add to my list?

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