Get Your Pole Mojo Back!

A little while ago I lost my pole mojo. I knew I wanted to pole and would go and sit in the pole room but would end up watching tv or reading a book instead. I’d even get to the point where I was in my pole clothes, water at the ready and pole freshly wiped but would still not even get on the pole.

This happens to me every so often. I pole so much and love it but sometimes I can’t think of a new exciting move I want to try or simply don’t have the energy to do my pre pole warm up. Sometimes it only last a couple of days, others a little longer.

I’ve found a way to get out of my slump and hopefully it will help you as well 🙂

Get On That Pole

    • I always do a warm up, so I’ve tried to make it fun. I’ll do it downstairs with the dog which is always entertaining, or think of a song I love but haven’t listened to in years and play that. I quite often end up dancing through the warm up, but that works too!
    • The first move is always the hardest to get going. This is where you need to make yourself do something on the pole – anything will do. I do a few easy spins while I’m still in all my clothes (it’s still chilly here so I start with a jumper and joggers over my pole clothes) Choose a few moves that you can do easily and love to do, as it will encourage you to do more.
    • Always do everything on both sides. I go on and on about this, but I wish it was drummed into me all those years ago, especially when inverting. Set yourself a number of times to do each moves. I’d say 3 is a good number – I always go for 5 as it gives you time to improve. If you do more than your chosen number, that’s great. If you hit it you’re still awesome!
    • Mix easy moves with hard moves. I kept just trying to nail hard moves – my Deadlift to Ayesha and Phoenix are always top of the list. While these are great to work on, it becomes soul destroying if you keep working on moves that you just aren’t getting. I know I will get them one day but if I add more achievable moves in as well, then my workout will finish on a positive note.
    • Choose great music! I’m listening to older music that I haven’t heard for a while. At the moment I’m listening to every Destiny’s Child song that YouTube can throw at me. (I do get distracted with dancing off the pole a little 😉 ) Make sure you pick songs that make you want to get up and pole – for me, songs that are too slow just make me feel the pole pain!
    • Each time you think of a pole move you want to try for the first time, keep working on or go back over, write it down! You will end up with a long list but it will really help when it comes to pole time. You’ll have moves that require leg grip, or arm strength or flexibility etc and can choose to do which ever you prefer for how you are feeling on that day.
    • Seek encouragement. This can be from pole friends keeping you going, or other friends impressed with your moves. You can take pictures and videos so you can see your progress which will make you want to keep on poling.
    • Strength training can be your back up – even if you can’t be bothered to do any moves on the pole try to do some pull ups, or V Inverts without kicking or L Sit holds. Anything will make you stronger for next time.

I always think that even if I do just one thing I’ll get stronger and better, and you will. Hopefully you’ll do one move and keep on poling. Just think, even if all you do is 5 pull ups today, you might be able to do 6 tomorrow. Happy Poling 😀

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