Entries into a Superman

It took me a long, long time to be able to do the Superman, and I actually got to the point where I thought it would never happen.

Now I have it, and I love it!

There are so many great ways in and out of the Superman, that perhaps trying something new might help you get there – and if you can already do it, then it’s always fun to find new entries.

I first learnt the Superman many years ago, going into the superman from an inside leg hook, from the floor. When I could side climb, I then added that on to get more height.

It’s only recently that I have explored new ways into the Superman – and I love them all.

I tried the high / forearm grip flip after seeing Laura Jenkins posting it on Facebook after she tried it in class last November. I then learnt the low grip Superman flip from Dan Rosen earlier this year.

I have no idea what they’re actually meant to be called, but I think they look like flips 😀

I love it when you try a move and your body automatically wants to then go into a Superman without thinking!

So next time you’re on the pole, perhaps give some of these a go and let us know what entries you come up with 😀

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