Confidence Is Everything

When people nail a move, they often don’t believe that they have. They may think that it came far too easily for them for it to be real. Sometimes moves don’t feel how they look, and therefore feel wrong.

I see students try these moves over and over again – so I know which ones are the easier ones to nail, and which ones can take a lot more time. I’m very positive when it comes to learning moves, and encouraging people to keep going.

Sometimes I’ll say “Yeah, awesome, that was it! Well done!” and they look at me like I’ve told them that poling is never painful.

No one can quite believe it when they have done a move correctly, but are the first to tell everyone when they do it wrong – or believe it’s wrong. So I’ve come to the conclusion that the difference between failing a move and nailing it, is often confidence.

Be Confident!

I always joke that all you have to do to make a move look good, is to smile and point your toes – and I kind of believe that. There are so many moves now, that pretty much everything you do – whether it’s a named move or not, is a version or variation of another move.

If you finish a move and pull a face – which happens maybe 90% of the time in class, then we know you don’t believe the move went well, and so we don’t think the move was as you meant it to be.

If you come away with a big smile and your head held high no matter what, then it’s more likely that we think you’ve nailed it!

So I’m here to tell you to be confident – it really does make all the difference.

I love the picture above – it’s not perfect as it was taken as I was going into (or coming out of) a Sneaky V. It is a touch blurry but my toes are pointed and I’m smiling. My legs are making quite a cool shape, so overall I like it!

If I had flexed feet (unless that was my intention) and my expression suggested I was going to fall any minute, you wouldn’t want to look or think it was a good picture.

Change Your Point Of View!

So no matter what, believe in yourself. If you think you can’t do a move before you’ve even tried, it’s unlikely that you’re going to succeed. Trying is always one step closer to achieving.

Everyone around you believes in you and wants you to succeed. Believe in what you are doing. Finish every move like you were born to do it. Keep smiling and always point your toes. You can do anything you want to! 😀

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