7 Reasons To Perform

Whether you have been poling for 10 years or 10 days you might have thought about performing. I know that when I hear a good pole song I go into a trance thinking about the moves I’d put into that routine (I can’t always do those moves though!)

I’ve performed a few times over a couple of years now and every time I get obsessive, and all of my time gets taken up by pole. I get nervous and worry about all of my moves and yet I still do it – because I love it.

I’m hoping to put on my first in house show case at the end of the year (hint, hint students 😉 ) and came up with a list of reasons why YOU should perform.

7 Reasons To Perform

  1. It’s fun. Performing is so much fun. Regardless of the nerves I feel, this all goes away as soon as I’m on stage. I love hearing the audience’s reactions to moves I can do. It’s so encouraging to listen to the applause and cheers. The whole rehearsal process can be really fun too. You can choose a song you love, music you adore and can do whatever you like in terms of theme, including costume. If you’ve always wanted to dress up as a pirate, this is your chance!
  2. You’ll get stronger. There’s nothing like time on the pole to help you get stronger. You’ll need to go over and over your moves to be ready. You’ll also try out lots of different combinations – some you’ll keep and others won’t make it past round one but all this effort still counts. Always try moves on both sides – you need to even out your strength and you might find that one side is better for certain moves than others. It also stops the dizziness if you can put in a change of direction!
  3. You can nail that combo! You can put whatever moves you like into your routine – you can put in moves that work well with what your body can do. You might not be able to get a flat Jade, but you might be able to do an awesome ball drop. Having something like a competition or performance to aim for will keep you going. You’ll keep trying that move you want to get over and over again. You might not get it in time for your show but you also might! Either way you’ll be closer than if you hadn’t tried at all.
  4. You can show off! A lot of people who haven’t come across pole before don’t really understand what it’s all about, and this is a perfect opportunity to show them. You can impress any non poler with a good fireman spin! Those who have come across it before will be impressed with your routine as every single one is different.
  5. You get to dress up! Everyone loves a bit of dress up now and then. You can be any character you choose and you can dress up as much or as little as you like. I’ve worn running shorts and a crop top for a music video and I’ve worn a custom made two piece with fake hair extensions and eye tattoos for another. The world is your oyster – go all out, or as much as you like!
  6. You’ll inspire others. No one wants to be the first to sign up to an in-house show case, as they don’t want to be the only one committed. If you’re in class and everyone says they ‘might’ do it, turn around and say you will if they will. You’ll have a training buddy and someone to make sure you stay on track.
  7. It’s addictive… but in a good way. Each time I perform, I just want to keep going and show people what I can do. I love having a reason to train and try new moves and combinations. I love putting together routines and seeing what I can come up with. I also love supporting everyone else and watching what they come up with 😀

There are no downsides to this. If you don’t want anyone you know to watch you, you don’t have to invite them to the first one. You can cover your face in face paint and wear a wig, or a put on a mask so no one knows it’s you… Or you could go all out and invite everyone you’ve ever met. What’s stopping you? 😀

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