8 Fun Pole Invert Combos


Here are some fun little combos that I really enjoy. Hopefully there’s enough variation that there’s something for everyone.

My favourite is the superman into the shoulder mount but I think they’re all really cool combos!

  1. Flatline Scorpio – Tabletop Split – Pencil Iguana – Crossed Ankle Hold
  2. Standing Split – Inside Leg Hang – Floor Jade
  3. Outside Leg Hang – Genie – Snapdragon – Genie Variation
  4. Superman Flip – Shoulder Mount Floor Planche
  5. Hip Hold – Apprentice – Ayesha
  6. Inside Leg Hang – Ayesha
  7. Climb – Inside Leg Hang Drop
  8. Jump in to Reverse Grab – Climb – Inside Leg Hang – Inside Leg Split – Seat

Do let me know which of these combos you enjoy most!

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