Women Of All Shapes & Sizes Can Pole Dance!

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This one of Leen Isabel‘s recent cartoons nicely sums-up how we at PoleFreaks feel about our wonderful sport.

Many of us will no-doubt have friends who secretly would love to give pole a try, but feel too self conscious about their body to come to classes. Some of us have probably been that person, and have overcome the anxiety – to find out how inclusive our sport really is! 🙂

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2 Comments to “Women Of All Shapes & Sizes Can Pole Dance!”

  1. Stephanie says:

    Pole is non-discriminating …. We ALL have something amazing to offer to pole and the best thing is that it’s YOUR own … YOUR style !!

  2. Shavaugh says:

    I love pole and I was one of those people that was unsure of starting because of my weight. I met a girl who was 130kgs before starting and now shes 113kgs and is loving it. Its a great way to feel sexy and build confidence in yourself

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