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Dating a Pole Dancer

Last night my partner James and I were talking about pole – what he first thought when he knew I poled, how he feels about me teaching, and how he feels now that he is learning to pole.

To give you a brief history, James and I met in a bar where I used to work (not that kind of bar!) and about the third or fourth time I met him, I was putting my pole up in the bar. It was a Coyote Ugly themed bar so there was lots of dancing on the bar, hanging off pipes on the ceiling, and of course setting fire to the bar!

James already knew I poled and so I didn’t have to ‘break it’ to him…

I’ve decided to ask James a few questions about me and pole, and share them all with you 😀

Here We Go!

1. Before you knew I poled, did you have any thoughts about it at all?

“I hadn’t really come across it as a thing – it wasn’t on my radar!”

2. What did you think when you first saw me putting up the pole?

“I was intrigued – the friend who I was with just wanted to have a go on it” (And he later did!)

3. What did you think after seeing my pole performance at the bar?

“I was impressed because of the athleticism.”

4. Were you ever concerned over any connotations with pole?

“No. You can’t spend you life worrying about what other people will think.”

5. 4 years on, and you know the pole industry a lot better now – what do you think about people who pole?

The big thing that struck me was how inclusive the industry is – and it literally encompasses everything. You can do what you want with it – everything from story telling, through to dancing sexily, through to vertical gymnastics.

6. So you’ve now started to learn the basics of pole – have your thoughts on pole changed at all?

“Harder than I could possible imagine. How people manage to make it look so easy, will never fail to impress me”

7. Do you have a pole career in mind? 😀

“I’m at the very beginning of my pole journey now, who knows where it will go. I’m already training for my first poling in public, and have met loads of great male polers at Pole Expo. I’d never say never.”

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