Taking Time Off The Pole

We all hate it when we’re made to take time off the pole, whether it’s through injury, lack of time or any other reason that life throws at you. I usually get annoyed by myself and my situation and constantly feel frustrated that I’m unable to pole.

But what about those times where you’re taking time off of the pole for a good reason? You could be going on holiday, seeing family or not being near a pole over Christmas, for example. Late last year I found myself away from the pole for a week. For some of you this may not sound like a long time but I do try to pole most days – especially when I get a day off work.

I had all of my usual intentions of working out – doing press ups, stretching, working on my headstands and deadlift headstands. For some reason I just couldn’t find any time to do any of these things.

Making The Best Of It

This year I’ve decided to embrace the time when I’m off the pole, rather than judge myself for not working out. It’s such silly little things that I can now do, but they make me very happy.

Here are just a few things that try and do to make the most of my time off the pole:

  • Moisturise! Everywhere 🙂 Sometimes I put on a tan pro longer, depending if I’ve been away.
  • I paint my nails. I know I can do this when I’m on the pole but I manage to chip my nails easily so I’m embracing the opportunity.
  • Foot lotion! I love the feeling of having soft well moisturised feet – not good for gripping the pole.
  • Taking time to properly treat my hair. Any kind of overnight conditioner is perfect. I always run my fingers through my hair and it tends make my slip on the pole.
  • I relax. Completely forget about all of the worries about pole or working out or the bruises that go with it all. I worry enough about training when I’m doing it, so if I’m not poling, then there’s no need to worry!
  • Listen to my music without thinking about routines

It all sounds a little silly but I’m sure we’ve all got to the point where we really just want to moisturise. As much as we love pole, a short break can be great to make you appreciate it all more.

Tomorrow I get back on the pole 🙂



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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. I love this <3. This is me now :(. I'm so frustrated that I'm away from pole, I'm planning to get pregnant which needs complete rest but I hate the feeling that I'm not allowed to climb do any moves, invert huffff . it has been 3 days away from pole and I feel like 3 weeks, not exaggerating. I found something that makes me happy, I started to stretch more (specially my shoulders and back). Do some headstands & handstands, learn how to face my fear .

    The nice thing being away from pole I can take care of my body ( Scrub my body, applying body mask and I'm planning to do Moroccan bath this week )

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