#PoleFreaksChallenge Week 3 – Pole Combo Insta Challenge


Day 21 of our PoleFreaks Combo Challenge is here!

Please use the hashtag #polefreakschallenge and tag us @polefreaks so we can see your awesome moves.

Today we put all of our moves from Day 15 – 20 together.

Our moves for the past week are:

Day 15: floor Chair – Swivel – Cartwheel – Martini Seat – Stand
Day 16: Option 1: Straight Leg Cradle – Back Leap – Stag Lift
Day 16: Option 2: Straight Leg Cradle – Back Leap – Leap
Day 17: Outside Leg Hang – Hang Glider – Archer – Lower to Floor
Day 18: Handstand – Side Superman – Martini Seat
Day 19: Superman – Shoulder Mount Floor Plank – Shoulder Roll
Day 20: Bunny Hop – Jump – Spin to Side Hold – Genie Spin

You can take part in the challenge over on Instagram by using the hashtag: #PoleFreaksChallenge

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