Interview With Evgeny Greshilov

Earlier this month, we were lucky enough to catch up with Evgeny Greshilov.

The 2012 World Pole Sport Champion and Winner of the 2011 World Pole Dance and Fitness Championships in Budapest, shares some insights with us.

Which Pole Achievement Makes You Most Proud?

I think the biggest pole achievement for me was 1st place on Pole Sport Fitness Championship in 2011, in Budapest. I could not believe this!

Why Did You Choose Pole Dance?

Because here in pole dance I can realize everything that I studied in my life. I can use all my experience from theatre, circus and dance. I can create something new for myself.

Did You Ever Find It Hard To Be Accepted As A Male Pole Dancer?

It had been a natural progression for me. I tried a lot of things worked as a circus artist, as a dancer, as a choreographer, as a coach. But only now when I’m doing pole dance i understand that it is really mine. I’m happy.

Has Your Dance Background Helped You In Pole Dancing?

Of course my dance background helped me and still helps. But pole dance it is not usual dance, you should be able to do very difficult tricks and to dance after that easy and relaxed. To do all moments in your performance flow, clean, confident and musical.

What Is The Best Move Or Training Technique For Building Up Pole Strength?

It is hard to say just one. I think you you should determine your weak sides and find exercises for improving them specifically  Don’t afraid to try new things. Never give up!

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