Forgotten Moves

There are some moves that we will have learnt ages ago that we still remember learning. I remember the Chair, many Seats and the Cross Knee Release as being difficult moves for me. When my students ask how long it took me to get certain moves, I can often tell them – and the answer is usually ‘a long time’. While I can’t remember learning them all in exact detail, I know I must have learnt all of the Fireman Spins, Front and Back Hooks and the list goes on and on.

I was teaching a Cartwheel a week or so ago and was asked if I found it difficult to get my legs up at first. This was the first time ever that I couldn’t remember learning the move! I couldn’t remember if I learnt it in class or taught myself. Literally no recollection at all. It’s a little bit scary knowing that your body remembers moves that your brain can not.

This got me thinking about other moves and how easy it can be to forget them. I remember all of the difficult ones as they took a long time to get. I remember where I was (and what direction I was facing!!) for my first handspring and also Ayesha on my other side. I love being able to think back through all of the hard times and how I managed to get each move. Don’t get me wrong, getting any move is a fantastic feeling so the struggles were even more important.

Does It Matter?

Is it a problem if we can’t remember learning every single move? I guess not. If we can do the moves I suppose it doesn’t matter. I like knowing that I managed to get moves that I never thought were possible and this inspires me to keep going with other difficult moves. I know that each time I try, I get a little closer and then it will all just click into place.

What Do You Think?

With the technological age that we now live in, it is so easy to document our progress. I’d say at least half the polers whether at home or in class will document their poling in one way or another – it’s nice to be able to look back and see what we have done and how far we have come. Sometimes a picture can remind you of a move that your body may have forgotten as well, and you can try it all over again.

All I can say is appreciate the struggles as well as the achievements. It’ll be great when you nail moves and know how hard it was for you to get. While you may remember now, in a years time you may not. Here’s to the struggles and knowing that new moves are just around the corner 😀

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