Even Out Both Sides

When it comes to your pole moves, hopefully you are already evening everything out – trying to do each move the same number of times on each side. I know it will be harder on one side than the other, and sometimes more painful as well, but this does get much better and easier over time.

You might not see the point in learning on both sides, but have a think about linking moves together. If you go from an Outside Step to a Back Hook or a Chair to a Back Hook, you are switching from one side to the other. This happens more frequently when you invert as well – my Gemini or Outside Leg Hang to Superman starts on one side and then goes to the other. This all depends on what side you prefer to use in the first place as this can often change from move to move. The main point is that at some time there will be a transition that you will use where you need to go through both sides. Let’s even out our muscles and keep our bodies happy 😀

And Here’s How To Do It

  • Do every spin on both sides. When first learning this shouldn’t feel too odd, but as soon as you start working on harder spins, the difference between the sides will become more apparent. If you work on both sides with strength exercises, this will feel much easier too.
  • Start on your weaker side. You will have more energy the earlier you are in to a class or session. It also feels great when you switch to your preferred side when everything feels easier.
  • Do everything 5 times on each side. Obviously this depends how much time you have on the pole if you are in class, but at home I aim for 5. I figure that the first time you try a new move you won’t quite get it, trying the second time with new changes. By the time you get to the third, you are happier with the move so try it two move times to make sure you have it or are improving. There will be times when it’s not wise (or is too painful) to do 5, so you can do less in this instance.
  • Don’t cheat it. There’s no point pretending that you’re doing everything on both sides if you’re not – you’re only letting yourself down.
  • Attempt everything. I don’t ever expect to be able master every move when I try on both sides but I try to even out the odds. If you are working on a Butterfly on one side, you might still be working on inverting on your other side. Don’t worry if you are not as strong / flexible. We all have a preferred side. Try to think of the progression chain that got you to where you are and go through that progression on your weaker side. There’s no point trying to rush an Ayesha if you can’t do a Butterfly or even an Extended Butterfly before a normal Butterfly.
  • Get used to the pain. Odds are that you will have forgotten pain for certain moves when working on your stronger side. This makes it a bit harder when working on your weaker side as you want to stop trying because of the pain. Brace yourself – it’s going to hurt! But don’t worry – if you have no pain on your preferred side, you will be able to get rid of it for both.
  • Focus on the positive. I know you may not think of the benefits now but imagine when you are super strong on both sides – you wouldn’t just train one side of flexibility would you? It’s such a great feeling to be able to confidently do moves on both sides and make your transitions beautiful and smooth 🙂

Even if you haven’t tried your pole work on both sides yet, it is never too late to start! What are you waiting for?! Show us your moves 😀


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