Embrace The Sticky Weather

Here in the UK we really do have to embrace the hot sunny weather as much as we can, as we don’t know when the next sunny day will be.

I’m a sun baby and will use any excuse to go out and sit in the sun, but recently I’ve been embracing the warm weather on the pole.

I find that my hands start to get a little more slidey but my body just loves to grip!

Use That Stick

I know it can be super frustrating on the pole when your hand grip starts to go. When the weather starts to get a bit too much for my hands to cope, I love to turn to using body grip.

I love going over those moves that you know you can only do with the maximum amount of skin grips. For me, that usually means trying all of those illusion type moves, such as the Miracle and variations of it. They just look so cool!

We all differ, so some moves that I need all the grip for, you might not but I’m sure there are others you would like to nail while you have the grip. Other moves that I love to do would be the Illusionist, Seahorse and pretty much any move by Aline Kerber! 😀

Moves To Avoid

I guess that there are some moves that we probably want to avoid while we are super sticky – probably the ones that might be a bit painful on a non-grippy day.

If my hands are super slidey then I avoid too many new moves that just rely on my hand grip – usually while I’m upside down.

So when the weather is super warm, I say embrace it. Don’t worry about sliding hands, and just focus on these super cool grippy moves.

We also wanted to be a little silly with the stickiness in the video below 😀

MiraceTrying to make the most of these rare hot and sticky days here in the U.K! 😂

Posted by PoleFreaks – Pole Dance & Fitness Community on Friday, 26 May 2017

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. Can you do a tutorial on how to do a half flag on the pole, and conditioning moves to help you prepare. Thanks!

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