Abandon That Move!

I’m once again about to contradict myself here…

I usually go on and on about how practice makes perfect. If you keep working on moves, you will get there and you will nail it. While I definitely believe that is true and live by it, for some moves in the short-term the opposite can be true.

You know those times where you go over moves over, and over, and over again and feel like you’re getting nowhere?

Well, perhaps it’s time to give it a rest.

I’m not talking about those moves that you try once a week for a few weeks and can’t get there, but more like the moves that you work on everyday you pole and have been for months.

It almost sounds ridiculous that someone might go over one move that often, but let’s face it, we do it.

So Just Give It Up

Sometimes when I train I feel frustrated that I’m not getting a move, I end up feeling like I’m not getting anywhere and get really frustrated.

Sometimes I make myself feel better and believe I can do it, and I can train harder. Other times I get much, much worse. I get angry (you know that feeling when you want to kick the pole, or cry!) and then I get dangerous.

That’s when I know it’s time to stop.

If you know that trying a move is not going to make you feel any better, then just stop. Pole is meant to be fun and worthwhile, and if it makes you feel down, stop.

Shake it off and go back to moves that you like and that you want to work on. I often turn the lights down low and do body waves and shake all the tension off 🙂

Some moves I need to stop working on just for the day, and I’m happy enough to do that. I know that I can try it all over again on the next training session.

Other moves I need to give up for a lot longer. I think that we often get moves too much in our head and our bodies can get part the mental block.

Whether you’re just focusing on trying to get one part of the move right, or whether you don’t believe in yourself enough, it’s super hard to get your body to do something that you’re head is not backing.

Of course sometimes strength is the limiter.

Perhaps we are not quite ready for the moves that we want to work on. Either way it’s sometimes a good thing to give a move a rest.

I usually find that it’s the moves that most people find difficult – Superman, Shoulder Mount, Handspring, Ayesha etc.

From personal experience I ended up abandoning the Handspring and the Ayesha probably for about a year, but when I came back to them, I got these moves in a matter of weeks.

It felt really good that each time I tried I go closer and closer, whereas when I was initially training I felt like I was getting nowhere (apart from kicking the pole – ouch!)

In class we found the same. We gave the Superman and Shoulder Mounts a rest and came back to them after perhaps a 4 week break.

All of the students in class were so much closer to them and about 80% nailed it! Super happy results.

If You Don’t Want To Give It Up

I know it might sound like rubbish advice to give up on a move that you want, but believe me, it works. Instead of focusing on that move, have a think about new moves you want to work on.

Perhaps try moves that are similar in body positioning or where the grip is and work on those.

No matter what moves you work on, you will be getting stronger on the pole, so if you have to give your wish list move a break, then do it.

If you really want it you will get it one day.

I promise 🙂

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. That frustrating move is the Cupid for me. I’ve been working on it for almost a year now and it’s the death of me. I definitely agree with what you said on just giving it a rest. It’s different for everyone… I got my shoulder mounts on both sides on the first try, for instance. Superman took me about a week. And the Cupid…well, after many months of bruised behind-the-knee, it still remans out of my grasp…

    1. I am so happy I am not the only one to struggle with Cupid!! It took me 4 months of be-weekly trainings to finally nail it! The worst part for me was that sometimes I felt like I almost done it, the other lesson I see that I can’t even get closer to the move… In fact, giving it up for 2 weeks and concentrating on other moves really helped me to perform the move.

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