7 Tips To Nailing Your Moves

I’d like to say that there is a quick and easy formula to learning every move, but we all know there is not. It’s all about hard work and perseverance.

We have all been there through those tricky and annoying times where we just can’t seem to get the move we so desperately want.

So here are 7 tips to help you nail those moves. While you may not get them today, you hopefully will do soon 🙂

1. Listen, Learn And Watch

In order to do any move you need to figure out what body parts go where! Whether you are learning from an instructor or a video, make sure you watch the move over and over. Focus on each body part and figure out where it is going. It becomes very different as soon as you are up on that pole so try to be as prepared as you can.

If the move allows it, try to break it down into smaller chucks. Try to add on piece by piece until you figure out the move. With most moves you can feel it in your body when you are in the right place.

Ask as many questions as you can – if something doesn’t feel right or if you’re not sure where an arm should be, ask! This way you will feel more confident in trying the move.

2. Practice Makes Perfect

We all know this one, simply because it is true! When I practice new moves, I make sure I try it 5 times on each side. Now this doesn’t sound like a lot and it might not be if you were trying an Outside Step for example, but lifting yourself up the pole or upside down on the pole starts to tire you out. There are moves that you will get the first day you try it, which is fantastic. Now all you need to do is try again to make it perfect. And there will be those moves that can take weeks or months but stick with it. You will be getting stronger each time you try.

3. Build Up Appropriate Strength And Flexibility

If you are trying one of those moves that will take weeks of practice, try to train your body in other ways to help with this move. For example I am working on getting my Jade flat. Although I can do the Jade, it is not perfect or good enough (for my liking) and so I am training my normal splits and splits on my back at the same time to help with this.

For certain lifts you may need to specifically train your obliques to help get that all important lift phase. You may also need to work on planks to help keep control of your body.

This idea can be taken right back to your first spins where you may want to start working on your biceps, triceps, lats and core – to name a few areas to start with!

4. Have Confidence In Yourself And Those Around You

You are much, much more likely to succeed if you believe in yourself. If you have even the tiniest doubt in your mind before you try it, get rid of it. Shake it off and try again. Sometimes I’ll think that my hand is too slippery for the move and even if I’ve just wiped the pole, I have to do it again to put my mind at ease. Otherwise I’ll go into the move and fall straight back down as I don’t trust myself.

You may have a spotter or instructor with you – and they are there to support you. Trust that they can help you. The worst that’s likely to happen is that you get into a knot on the pole or end up with a few pole bruises… but we’ve all got loads of those already! Everyone around you is there to help and guide you so trust them and more importantly, trust yourself. You may find that there are times when you are just too scared to try a move and it might be wise to come back to it after you’ve built strength and confidence. You are the only one that knows how your body feels, so trust your instincts.

5. Never Give Up

This is the hardest one to do. You know that feeling when you try a move over and over and it’s not getting any better? Your body is aching and in pain… Well that’s the point where you need to tell your body not to give up. You can of course give up for a day, sure, but make sure you come back to it.

If you start telling yourself that you can’t do a move, the longer you put off trying it again, the harder it will be to master. Your body needs time to commit moves to muscle memory so keep trying. Today might have been a disaster, and we’ve all been there – but tomorrow could be the day you nail it. And you’ll never know if you don’t try.

6. Work On Similar Moves

You want to try and work on moves that have a similiar grip or have a similar type of movement. For example a Carousel and a Tinkerbell are very similar spins. You might find that one is easier and getting one right will help with the other. If you are working on arms only inverts there are so many to choose from, so find one that should be easier than the one you are working on to try.

It doesn’t even have to be a real move you try. If you are working on a Straight Edge (or Inverted Pencil) you might want to try a Butterfly and then point the back leg straight up to the ceiling. Get used to this position until you feel strong enough to take your front leg off the pole into your Straight Edge.

7. Give Yourself A Break

I mean this mentally and pyscially. We all need at least one rest day a week, so make sure you are having it. There’s also no point in working through injury to get a move, as you are just setting yourself back in the long term.

Don’t be angry with yourself if you can’t get a move. I know it’s easier said than done – I’ve been there (2 days ago!) Everytime you try a move you are getting closer and stronger. If we could get every move the first time we tried it, there would be no point and no sense of achievement. We all work hard all the time and one day you will get that move. You have to keep trying it and working at it and one day all of your hard work will pay off 😀

So what move are you going to work on now?

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Comments From the PoleFreaks Community:

  1. This is super helpful. I am still a beginner although I have dancing for nearly a year now. There are so many moves I’ve tried to grasp and haven’t been able to until I simplified them. The one thing I am stuck and fed up with is not being able to invert. I did think it was because I have ‘More to love’ but I see now that’s not true. Do you have any advice on how to get this? I am practicing pull ups and tucks on each side but after a year I am still no further on, so frustrating.

    Thank you x x

  2. Hi Sabrina,

    It’s hard to help you without seeing you in action but keep trying! It sounds like you’re building up your strength well so now it’s working on the move itself. Firstly, try it from the floor so that you know exactly where your legs go when you get up there. When you try from standing try to keep your arms around shoulder / head height but no higher. As you step through start to pull on the pole. The key here is to want to go upside down. It sounds obvious to say but think about your torso from head to hips tilting backwards (keep your head in line with your spine) This allows you to start to lift your legs up and then focus on bringing your outside leg over the front of the pole. You’ll be getting closer every time you try. I hope that helps 🙂 xx

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