Welcome to The #PoleFreaksChallenge

I’m so excited share our #PoleFreaksChallenge with you – and I really hope you enjoy it too.

How It Works…

We have 4 new pole combos ready for you. Each week we have mini combos on days 1-6 and then on day 7 we put all of the mini combos together, to make the full routine!

I’ll be posting the full routine for that week on our YouTube channel to help you take it step by step.

On days 29 and 30 we then have mini challenges for you to try.

Of course we want as many of you to join in as possible, so please tag your friends so you can do it together, and of course we want to see you do it to!

Please use the hashtag #polefreakschallenge and tag us @polefreaks on Instagram 😀

I’m so excited to see you all on the pole!