Top Tip #1: Set goals

Like anything in training (or life in fact!) you need to have a clear goal/goals to enable you to feel motivated on your journey!

Some example for handstanding are:

  • Short Term (1-4wks): To be able to kick up to a handstand against the wall
  • Medium Term (4-12wks) To be able to hold for 10 seconds
  • Long Term (1 year goal) To do a Handstand Deadlift

You get the idea right!? They need to be specific & measurable so that you are able to track whether you have achieved them. Keep them realistic to you personally, take into consideration your starting point and if you can give yourself a time frame even better!
And finally… enjoy the journey!!!

So what are your goals? Post your pictures below & lets all get started together

Life is Better Upside Down… All the sad things fall out 😉