Your Body Leads The Way

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Your Body Leads The Way

Being honest, I have to admit that I haven’t been doing anything on the pole for about two months now. Not because I did not want to or because I was too lazy or anything like that. But to get to the point: the pain would just kill me. Well, not literally ¨kill¨ me but doing a Peter Pan spin with your wrist feeling like it is going to explode does not really make you feel comfortable.

I have to say that the last weeks and months I really started to hate myself for being such a coward. I tried doing an easy move once but regretted it in the last second. So I did not try it again and that was the point where I really started doubting my strength and my stamina. I started gaining weight and losing the strength in my arms, my stomach, in pretty much my whole body. But what could I do? It is always easy to say ¨Even if my body hurts, I keep going!¨ But reality is often like a vicious mother-in-law, it keeps telling you that you are not good enough and will never be.

It is not possible to do even a pole step if you are not able to get out of bed, is it? So why did I condemn my rational decisions so much? If your body tells you no, you will have to accept it and wait until it changes its mind.

People keep telling me that I was so strong and sometimes they even claim they admired my way of going through my disease. When it comes to RA I am not shy, no questions are forbidden and I actually like talking about my ¨little problem¨ because it is like therapy for me. But just because I talk about things I do not consider myself as a strong person.

To Get To The Point:

I felt weak and miserable because I did not pursue my dream like I had thought I could do. I had to accept that I was NOT a strong person. Sure, when the little RA-party in my body will come to an end, I am going to start again from zero, there is no doubt. But I am scared that I will have to play this game over and over again. Starting up – getting stronger – getting sick – getting weak. I really do not want to become part of this vicious circle.

Being willing to accept the fact that there will be times of desperation and times of exultation or not, there will be no other way.

So please little body, hurry up getting well again because I really miss my sexy, shiny pole!

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About Julia Gefahrt

Hey there PoleFreaks!

My name is Julia Gefahrt and I am from Salzburg, Austria. I have been dedicated to the pole for a few years now, but just recently I really started pole dancing. For a long time I was too afraid of trying it because of my disease. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which is an illness that destroys your joints and sometimes even your muscles or organs.

But pole dancing helped me to feel better in my body and to stem the pain. It makes me happy and I am lucky that I tried it! In my blog I want to talk about pole dancing in the teeth of rheumatoid arthritis. I want to focus on the good sides, but sometimes it will also be necessary to concentrate on the dark sides of my hobby. I am hoping that maybe I will be able to inspire you guys and to point out that you don’t have to be 100% physically fit to have fun on the pole.

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2 Comments to “Your Body Leads The Way”

  1. Eleonora says:

    Hi, I’m Eleonora. I have LES since 2006. In this 7 years I made the circle of “Starting up – getting stronger – getting sick – getting weak” uncontable times. I understand you because beeing away from the pole is the more painful part of a disease. Find your balance in life e when your moment come back you will be stronger than ever!

  2. Tara says:

    I have had RA for about 21 years, it’s all though my body so I understand how you feel
    I’ve been lucky enough at this stage not to have any damage to my joints ect
    I become a Personal Training in 2010 and 12 months later I was able to go off my medication.
    I started Pole Fitness 12 months ago and love it. I still have the days were I get the aches and pains ect and rencently had to take nearly 3 months off because of my shoulder but I find the love of pole keeps me going even if I do feel like I’m going around in circles, the one good thing I’ve found from this as it has made me learn to use bothe sides of my body.

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