Why Pole Dance?

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Why Pole Dance?

When people ask me why I pole dance, I want to answer – Why not? There are so many things I love which keep me pole dancing: enjoyment, challenge, toning and empowerment!

I started pole dancing about 4 years ago (with a break in between) and on my first lesson I was unsure, like most people, of what to expect. The first move I was taught was the fireman’s spin. Nervously, I stepped up to the pole, full of excitement for my new workout. On my first spin I was hooked!

I loved my first lesson, regardless of the couple of bruises which developed. This was the main factor which led to me going to the next lesson. I had fun. I loved swinging around the pole and the enjoyed the challenge. From being younger I danced and this was a new challenge. My body ached and I liked that ache. I hadn’t found a workout which I not only enjoyed, but which worked muscles I never knew I had. I even began to make friends in the class.

The Challenge

The challenge is definitely something which keeps me going back to pole dancing. I picked up the first few moves easily; I think this was partly due to the enjoyment of the classes but also my dancing background. It is the only workout which I feel has ever really challenged me. After developing my ability to spin, I began with inverts and this was where pole dancing became really challenging for me. I would spend weeks on a new move. I saw people stop dancing when they reached the inverts – but not me. I kept at it; I pushed myself harder than I had ever pushed myself. I knew I would feel proud of myself when I finally managed the move which I spent weeks perfecting. After all this time, I still get that rush when I perfect a new move.

Through pole dancing, my body has toned brilliantly. My core strength is strong and my arm muscles are toned and defined. It always surprises people how much their body can change taking part in pole dancing. I for one was amazed at how my arms shaped up and even when I have taken a break from working out, it’s a matter of weeks before my arm muscles develop again. The core strength develops so naturally, there are very few exercise routines which involve holding your own body weight. This helps out with my overall toning and balance.

My final reason for continuing pole dancing is the way it makes me feel. I always leave the lessons feeling strong and empowered as a woman. I am well aware of the connotations of pole dancing. Especially when men find out what I do for a workout, they think I am some kind of stripper. I am past the point of trying to explain it to them now. I just let them think what they want, knowing I am probably much stronger than them! I feel empowered as a woman at the strength my body has and some of the tricks which I can now do on a pole!

So, if you’re thinking about giving it a go. My only advice is to go for it! It is something which I have been hooked on now for years and love how it makes me feel. Good luck and get spinning!

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About Missy

I first began pole dancing about 4 years ago now. I loved it immediately, it was new and exciting. Having danced ballet and tap for a number of years when I was younger, I had the basics in balance and control down but that was just the start. As the years passed I moved to inverts and hanging from the pole with only one knee. Over time, my strength increased and my body confidence improved. I felt toned and happy. I also felt more confident and sexy as a woman. It really made me feel good about myself.

I took a break from pole dancing due to scheduling issues but as of this year, I have got back into it after about a year away. I am so happy to be back spinning. I would like to work out more but the demands of my full time job, being a teacher, makes it difficult. Due to the nature of my job, is why I also keep myself anonymous. I know pole dancing is still not accepted by all!

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