Why Choose Pole Fitness?

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Why Choose Pole Fitness?

Well, I cant answer for everybody but I will tell you why I did.

My, lets call it obsession, with pole began about 12 years ago. My husband and I had gone to the Isle of Man for the TT, now this is an event which is aimed mainly at men so you can gather that a lot of the ‘entertainment’ there is catered towards this. We went to a out in the evening to one of the many bars/clubs and the entertainment that evening was pole dancers. I must have been one of the only women in the place other than the bar staff and the dancers.

Yes, these girls were dancing for the many men, but they did keep their clothes on. I have to say those girls were amazing, the strength and grace that they had during their perfomances was astounding. I was the only person cheering my head off at the end of each perfomance (as we all know men just stare and drool)!

I wanted to be like them, I wanted that grace, that strength, that empowerment. From that moment I was hooked and fell in love with pole.

It wasn’t until much later that I decided to give pole ago for myself, (well that and I had a baby boy to look after) fortunately a pole school had opened up in my local area so off I went on my lonesome as none of my friends would give it a go with me (cowards).

I was so nervous on my first lesson as not knowing what to expect, fortunately the other girls in the class were in the same boat as me and our instructor was warm and friendly. From my first class I mastered a basic fireman spin and attitude spin and I was so proud of myself, and I also had a whole new admiration for those girls I saw 12+ years ago, its so hard to look graceful while hanging on for dear life and getting pole burn. Unfortunately due to work circumstances I had to give up my pole class for a while and it took about 2 years before I could get back to it (I was very determined that I was going back!) in the meantime I tried aerobics and zumba, which I’m rubbish at as I have no rhythm and I get bored going to the gym, I find it quite monotonous. So you can imagine my elation at being able to get back to pole.

I have now been poling for about 18 months and I cant imagine my life without it. My certificates from completing all 6 levels at my pole school hang proudly on my kitchen wall. I love the fact that I have toned up all over (but more so my arms, I love my arms and yes I do bodybuilder poses in the mirror, lol) I love the confidence pole dancing has given me so much so that I even entered my first competition last year at beginners level. Shook like a leaf from start to finish but it was something that ‘the old me’ would never have done, I didn’t come in the top 3 but I still got a medal and it is also on display along with the certificates.

I love that each week I see an improvement in myself and that I’m getting closer to achieving new moves such as shoulder mount (my legs are now at waist level instead of toes still on the floor, its taken me weeks if not months to get this far) it makes me want to continue to carry on.

I love the endless supply of support that is available, not just from my instructors but from everyone in my pole class, but most of all I love feeling a part of an amazing community where there is encouragement, support and advice from everyone in the pole world regardless of what level you are at.

So if you are reading this because you are wondering if pole is right for you, just go along to your local class and give it a go, you wont regret it and I guarantee that you will love it just as much as the rest of us.

What Made You Choose Pole Fitness?

If you have a story to share, leave a comment below 🙂

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About Charlotte Evans

Hi, my name is Charlotte, I'm 33 and I've been poling for about 18 months now. I'm a wife and a mother, 10 yr old son. I also work as a veterinary nurse in a busy mixed practice in north Wales.

I love going to my pole classes as it gives me a bit of 'me time' I enjoy having a giggle with the other girls and getting fit at the same time, although I'm usually having such a good time that it hardly feels like I'm having a workout while I'm there.

My favourite move is butterfly as it looks so pretty, my nemesis move is superman, I'm really struggling to get the nerve to 'flip over' into it, but I am determined that I will get it however long it takes.

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2 Comments to “Why Choose Pole Fitness?”

  1. stavroula says:

    I have a pole-related question that I hope you can answer. I read a few of your posts and it’s obvious you know what you are doing. I understand you are not a doctor but, would you happen to know if scoliosis could be a problem? I want to start pole dancing but I’m not sure if I can or if I should. I know that it’s a painful thing to do but I am talking specifically about the scoliosis. My doctor from when I was a teen told me that I should excercise and strengthen my abs and back but I’m not sure pole dancing is advised. So, any chance you would know? 🙂

    • ~M~ says:

      Hi Stavroula,
      I know its obviously not me you asked but I’m gonna jump in cause this post is kinda old and still unanswered.

      I have scholiosis myself and started pole about 6 months or so ago. Like most…disorders/injuries/condition… there are varying levels, and to be fair mine is not particularly bad.
      However, if you find a good studio/instructor (most), they can tailor things to suit your particular strengths and weaknesses.

      Like a lot of newbies, I started with all sorts of excuses. Along the short journey already, though, I’ve met people who’ve shot these excuses down… not by telling me they’re lousy excuses, but by being living examples of getting past/through the things I’ve been hiding behind.

      Have a search on youtube for Deb Roach, for example… born with only one arm, and yet a pretty amazing poler… even without a “considering she’s disabled” at the end of the sentence. “If she can be that good with one arm, I have no excuse just because my back is a bit squiggly” I remember thinking.

      Or the webcomic that kicked me into gear and got me to actually sign up for my first class:
      (hopefully they won’t mind me linking it as they’ve put her comics here as posts before)

      Best wishes and good luck! I’m sure you’ll learn to love it if you give it a chance… it’s the first thing in my life I remember being passionate about, and the first thing outside a relationship that’s made me start to feel proud of my body. It might not be magazine-beautiful, or medically perfect, but it’s stronger and can do more than I ever thought possible. I hope you find the same joy 🙂


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