Video Recording Your Pole Practice

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Video Recording Your Pole Practice

I recently started recording my practices and moves on my phone or my newly acquired GoPro. I’ve been told since the beginning of my adventures into pole to video my practice or moves. I never started that until just recently and watching them, I realized that I should have started when I was told to. You get to see your moves, and sometimes, they look totally different than you thought they did, good or bad.

We are our own worst critic and sometimes that’s a good and bad thing. In the first video I watched of myself, I realized that my “sexy walk” looked like a chicken walking. It was this weird body wave walk and I flung my legs out like a bird. I was shocked and appalled. It was ugly. So I stopped doing that walk and practiced with others. If I had never recorded myself doing that, I would have never seen that and would still be doing it today. *shudders*

I Also See The Tiny Things That I Can Change

Making things more graceful is always something I have to work on, and sometimes nitpicking can be a good thing. While watching over the moves I’ve got completely down, it’s nice to pencil in some notes for the future: point that whole foot while side climbing, hold the move longer, graceful exit, breathe, smile, and slow down. One benefit of recording is seeing what you can improve on and what you love and want to try again.

It’s also a great way to see how much you’ve grown over time. You get to see how you did that move a year ago, and how much more perfected it is today. That’s a great self esteem booster and furthers your excitement to continue recording and continue your practice. You always grow and always improve, but having actual proof that you are doing even more amazing than you were in the beginning is the highest of all encouragement.

A downside of recording is our extremely critical self thoughts on things we can’t necessarily change at this time. Thoughts of how bad your hair looks, or insecurities in your body doesn’t help your performance and doesn’t help you look at the video recording in a positive, growing way. It makes you not want to record anymore when you see your folded belly in a teddy shot. However, that’s stuff we can’t immediately change and not the purpose of recording. Leave the negative thoughts of your body or the critical self thoughts on the way you think you look on the video out of the reasons for making the video. Recording is just to learn and grow your practice, to perfect moves and become a more graceful pole dancer. Recording is not to criticize and put yourself down.

So next time I challenge you to prop your cell phone up and record some moves and a dance or a freestyle. Watch it with the intent to grow your practice, not with the intent of picking on yourself. And watch out for the chicken walks; trust me, recording that was the best thing as I’ll never do that again.

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  1. Stephanie says:

    I to recently starting recording myself and at this point I enjoy watching my “trick” practices … I’ve even posted some … Now recording myself dancing is a work in progress! More than not I don’t like what I see in my dancing , I know I’m my worst critic !! Hope to record in class, that’s where I feel most comfortable in free dance!

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