Tips And Tricks For Bruises

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Tips And Tricks For Bruises

All pole dancers, new and experienced, get bruises. Big horrible purple bruises, speckled bruises that run the length of your leg, and bruises that are in places that make no sense. As great a lesson as bruises are, the non-pole community seems to have mixed emotions about people being covered in bruises high up on the leg and on the arms.

I’ve found 3 main tricks that are helping with healing bruises more quickly and hiding the bruises if you want to go for a night out.

Trick #1: Ice.

I know, the oldest trick in the book right? But I’ve found a new way to ice bruises. Although this trick does require a little reconnaissance, it’s totally worth it. So your mission should you choose to accept, is to go to your local fast food restaurant and nab some ketchup cups. Grab quite a few, that way your local fast food restaurant won’t catch on to you. Then fill the cups up with water and place in the freezer until frozen. If your freezer has ridges in it, be careful when placing the cups because if they tip, the ice could freeze on an angle or the cup could tip and then would be frozen to the bottom of your freezer. When one cup of water is frozen, hold it upside down and massage your bruised area with the open end. Make sure you have a thin wetted cloth between the ice and your skin. The heat from your body will melt the ice, so you will probably want a towel underneath you. One other thing to be aware of is that as the ice cup melts, the ice will fall out from the cup, so if that happens, just pop it back in the cup and keep going. This technique is really effective because you’re using the ice to take down the swelling, and the massaging motion with help relax any swollen muscles.

Trick #2: Arnica Ointment/Cream.

This ointment is specifically made to use on bruises. You can find arnica ointment/cream at organic health food stores. There are some creams that have arnica cream in them like Rub A535 with Arnica, but I use straight arnica cream. All you do is massage the cream on your bruises a few times a day. The cream takes the swelling down and helps the muscles relax. It doesn’t cover up bruises but it will speed healing. I’ve used arnica and have had bruises shrink to almost being completely healed in 2-3 days. As opposed to a whole week that is usually required for bruises to heal. Arnica does have a bit of a yeasty kind of smell to it, but it’s not crazy strong.

Trick #3: Cover Up.

Say your friends call you up and suddenly want to go out, but you’re covered in bruises. The other 2 tricks I gave you are great if you’ve got time, but if something comes up, cover up. Now, your normal cover up that you use for blemishes or evening out your skin tone isn’t going to work, I tried it and all normal cover up did is make my bruises look worse. For pole bruises, you need some serious concealer. There are a couple of make-up brands that do body make up that works really well. I use Vichy Derma blend, but the make-up company Mac also does body make-up that is supposed to work really well. Just be prepared, when you go into your local make-up store you may get some funny looks when you start applying testers to your legs or arms. Be ready to get that “should I call the cops because I think you’re being beaten” look. I straight up told the lady in the store that I was a pole dancer and that seemed to work.

Bruises come in all shapes and colours. Sometimes bruises are little and discrete, other times bruises are huge and extremely obvious. There are lots of ways to help heal bruises. These 3 tricks that I’ve given you are not the only ways, but they’re the tricks that I found to really help with bruises. I hope you’ve found this helpful and remember, never stop poling!

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I’m a 20 year old pole dancer, student, and knitter. I started dancing after a family friend went through a session and loved it. I tried pole once and was hooked! I had been working out in a gym for about 2 years prior to pole dancing.

I have scoliosis by my shoulder blades and was worried that the pole might aggravate it, but if anything, pole has healed my back.

Pole has given me so much confidence in myself, that when anyone starts talking about working out and how the gym isn’t working for them anymore, I immediately tell that person to try pole dancing. I think that every person (man or woman) should try pole dancing at least once.

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