The Joys of Stretching… Or Not

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The Joys of Stretching… Or Not

I have to admit… I HATE stretching. I find it boring, time consuming and a little uncomfortable (because I don’t do it as I should)

I notice that there’s always a couple of girls in class that are hard core stretchers. They can stretch for hours. They enjoy stretching and they look great doing it. Their legs look broken because they are sometimes over stretched. They do their back bends beautifully and they can Allegra with pointed toes. The boomerang spin is nothing for them.

Then you have the other girls, like me, avoiding stretching. A little arm over the head here and a toe touch there. Rotate the arms and ankles to warm the joints and BAM! I’m ready to pole! WRONG! I’m the one who can’t do the boomerang spin or straighten my leg, completely, for extended butterfly.

It’s Just Me

I know how important stretching is. I know what I COULD look like while poling if I did stretch. I know all of this and yet, I find stretching the one thing I do the least. I also find myself complaining that I can’t do the advanced or extreme moves.. Most are splits. Duh me!

I don’t really know why stretching is so difficult for me. It’s always been one of those “warm ups” that just didn’t excite me. In fact, the stretching DVD’s that I’ve purchased have dust on them. The stretch bands just lay on the floor in the corner and the foam roller is a toy for my son. So, it’s not a matter of finding tools for stretching and balancing my body. It’s just me.

Why Stretch?

When I watch YouTube videos of the Polefessionals (and most people) all I can think about is how much better I’d be if I’d just STRETCH. Everyone looks so much better when they are stretched. Their muscles are elongated and they seem more toned. Not to mention, they are stronger and in way better cardio shape than I am. I always promise myself that I’ll dedicate at least 15 minutes before each lesson for stretching. I do the minimal stretching and get on the pole. Not very smart of me, I know.

The truth is… Stretching is just as much of an importance as warming up and doing opposite sides. Since I started doing opposite sides I’ve decided to throw in more stretching too. Might as well. My friend reminded me of the lack of stretching she and I do. We actually don’t do certain tricks due to lack of flexibility. We are only crippling ourselves.

Hopefully this blog will help remind those of us who don’t stretch, to stretch and to those that do.. Good job!!! It’s hard work, but we have to do it.

Am I alone in this department?

How do you get yourself in the mood to stretch? What are some of your favourite stretches?

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About Stefanie Decker

Hi! My name is Stefanie Decker and I Pole Dance.

I have always been into fitness. Having taught Pilates for 3+ years, I was in excellent shape. I was seriously injured in a car accident and had to stop working out altogether because I could barely walk, which resulted in low self esteem, depression and overall poor health.

I was invited to a 'Pole Party' a coworker was having. Feeling obligated to go, I did. I'm thankful I did because I've been addicted to Pole ever since. Poling is one of the hardest workouts I've ever done. The cardio in itself is ridiculous. The strength I've gained is immeasurable and the confidence is ever growing.

It's fun, it's challenging, it's different and it's instant.

Pole has changed my life in so many ways. I'm confident in my own skin, I pay more attention to my body, I appreciate myself and I not only feel like I'm AWESOME I know I AM! :)

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  1. Roxy says:

    I used to be like you and hate, hate, HATE stretching… now I’m the opposite and can spend literally hours stretching. What did it for me was 1) learning what muscles I was stretching and 2) seeing just how much flexibility I was gaining by stretching. It wasn’t the promise of what I’d gain, but actually seeing it that first excited me and got me going. Now it is such a routine for me that I miss it if I go without. 🙂

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